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Athletics at the European Championships 2022


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Lithuania ends up qualifying 21 athletes to this event:




400m - Modesta Justė Morauskaitė (7th Q), Agnė Šerkšnienė (34th Rating)

800m - Gabija Galvydytė (31st Rating)

3000m Steeplechase - Greta Karinauskaitė (27th Rating)

High Jump - Urtė Baikštytė (19th Rating)

Long Jump - Jogailė Petrokaitė (18th Rating)

Triple Jump - Aina Grikšaitė (16th Rating), Dovilė Kilty (17th Rating)

Discus Throw - Ieva Zarankaitė (17th Rating)

Javelin Throw - Liveta Jasiūnaitė (6th Q)

Marathon - Loreta Kančytė (38th Q)

20km Race Walk - Monika Vaiciukevičiūtė (34th Rating), Adrija Meškauskaitė (36th Rating)




200m - Gediminas Truskauskas (20th Rating)

1500m - Simas Bertašius (29th Rating)

High Jump - Juozas Baikštys (12th Rating)

Discus Throw - Andrius Gudžius (Wild Card Q), Mykolas Alekna (4th Q)

Marathon - Ignas Brasevičius (57th Rating)

20km Race Walk - Marius Žiūkas (16th Q), Artur Mastianica (30th Rating)

35km Race Walk - Marius Žiūkas (19th Q), Artur Mastianica (23rd Q)



There were also some athletes that were pretty close to qualification: Airinė Palšytė 35th in high jump rating, Diana Zagainova 27th in triple jump rating, Diana Lobačevskė 62nd in marathon rating, Renalda Kergytė 65th in marathon rating, Austėja Kavaliauskaitė 37th in 20km race walk rating, Tomas Keršulis 44th in 200m rating and 42nd in 400m rating, Adrijus Glebauskas 29th in high jump rating, Martynas Alekna 36th in discus throw rating, Remigijus Kančys 61st in marathon rating, Edgaras Benkunskas 26th in decathlon rating.


And also some athletes that declined their qualification: Monika Bytautienė and Vaida Žūsinaitė in marathon and Brigita Virbalytė in 20km Race Walk.


Edis Matusevičius and Rokas Ickys are injured, but I think they would've made it in. 

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So bizarre that Kyriakopoulou did not qualify. She won bronze in 2012 and silver in 2018. Obviously she is older now but she was just at the World Championships in Eugene.


Her case is interesting, as she did not achieve the qualifying standard and does not have enough results this year to have a ranking (she skipped the indoor season and was NM at the National Championships).



I can't see us doing as well as we did in 2018, when we won 6 medals, 3 of them being gold. I think we probably expect 2-3 medals this year.



I'm looking forward to seeing our women's 4x100 relay team. As long as everyone is healthy, they'll surely achieve the best time for us in many many years.

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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK



  • Ján Volko (100m, 200m)
  • Šimon Bujna (400m, 4x400m Relay)
  • Martin Kučera (400m Hurdles, 4x400m Relay)
  • Matej Baluch (400m Hurdles, 4x400m Relay)
  • Miroslav Úradník (20km Race Walk, 35km Race Walk)
  • Dominik Černý (20km Race Walk, 35km Race Walk)
  • Michal Morvay (35km Race Walk)
  • Oliver Murcko  (4x400m Relay)
  • Patrik Dömötör (4x400m Relay)
  • Miroslav Marček (4x400m Relay)
  • Franklin Henry (4x400m Relay)
  • Roman Haraslín (4x400m Relay)
  • Adrián Pavelka (4x400m Relay)



  • Viktória Forster (100m, 100m Hurdles)
  • Emma Zapletalová (400m Hurdles)
  • Daniela Ledecká (400m Hurdles)
  • Veronika Kaňuchová (Hammer Throw)
  • Hana Burzalová (20km Race Walk, 35km Race Walk)
  • Ema Hačundová (35km Race Walk)


Team Goal is one Final, under normal circumstances should not be a big problem for Zapletalová, however she is just returning from a serious injury which caused her to miss the entire first half of the season, and started the preparation only last month, so very hard to predict anything, a eventual qualification for the Finals would be definitely great.


We are also sending 9 athletes in the 4x400 relay but only 4 will actually start in the Heats (whom 3 will be certainly the double starters) and since the chances to advance fro the heats are somewhere around 0, five athletes will have a nice free trip to Munich :p

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Our team is going to be down to twenty athletes as Šerkšnienė is not going to be taking part due to injury.


As for the goals in Munich, well, would be nice to see Alekna and Gudžius repeat their medals from WCH, Liveta Jasiūnaitė could fight for a medal as well, especially since she's mad at herself with how the World Championships turned out. 


Then, I'd expect finals from Morauskaitė in 400m, Karinauskaitė in 3000m SC, Baikštytė in High Jump, Petrokaitė in Long Jump, Kilty in Triple Jump, Zarankaitė in Discus Throw, Baikštys in High Jump and perhaps Truskauskas in 200m.


Sounds ambitious, but if they're on their A game, it's easily achievable. 

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2 hours ago, hckošice said:

Team Goal is one Final

If the official program is to believed, Slovakia already has 6 finals in the pocket considering they mention the '20/35 kilometer race walk final' :evil:


But yeah, one of those others should be able to make a final as well, I'm cheering for the goal to be achieved :cheer: 

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19 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

No Dafne Schippers, due to a back injury. You know, in case we still accidentally live in 2015 and stuff about Schippers is newsworthy :p 

I respect her for trying to regain her level and becoming fit again, but by now you'd think her body has given enough hints that it doesn't want to do the whole sprinting business anymore.

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:FRA team. After one of the weakest ever team sent in Oregon, this one with 101 members will be the biggest in history ! It's labelled as the beginning of a new cycle.


For the 2015 crowd, no Christophe Lemaitre though . 

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