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Wrestling UWW World Championships 2021


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  • 4 weeks later...

entries for 2021 World Championship in Norway


this is just the preliminary list and I know some teams didn't finalize their squads yet. we will have US trials this weekend. but for Iran this is our final squad.


some countries are sending completely new teams, and some are sending their Olympic wrestlers. the level will be lower than a normal World Championship but still much much better than original expectations.

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  • Sindo changed the title to Wrestling UWW World Championships 2021

brackets are out for the freestyle competition. lots of big names are here while lots of big names are missing. still it will be a very interesting competition.


86kg will be fun tomorrow, Taylor, Yazdani and Naifonov are all here

we also have 3 of 4 Olympics medalists at 125kg, only Gable Steveson (who went to WWE) is missing.

I believe Kyle Dake will have not much problem to win the 74kg gold . these 3 weights + 61kg will be held tomorrow

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first day semifinals


61: :ARM Harutyunyan vs :USA Fix /// :JPN Hasegawa vs :RUS Magomedov

74: :USA Dake vs :BLR Nurykau /// :SVK Salkazanov vs :GEO Kentchadze

86: :USA Taylor vs :AZE Abakarov /// :RUS Naifonov vs :IRI Yazdani

125: :GEO Petriashvili vs :KAZ Boltin /// :IRI Zare vs :TUR Akgul

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Another medal this year for Tajmuraz :clap: European champion 2021 and now 2021 world championship medalist, sadly, without the year super slam. since he had to miss the 2021 Olympics mainly because of qualification stupid format which redistributed almost half of the quotas during a WCh tournament that happened 3 years before the OG...but, ok, thats another story, at least his rage will grow more for Paris

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61: :USA Fix vs :RUS Magomedov

74: :USA Dake vs :SVK Salkazanov

86: :USA Taylor vs vs :IRI Yazdani

125: :GEO Petriashvili vs :IRI Zare


I was hoping for 3 finalists but 2 is still a good result. Amouzad was really disappointing losing to some random Japanese wrestler.


and we will have Taylor vs Yazdani #4. it will be a big big disaster here if Yazdani loses this one too. he is the most popular athlete here and everybody talks about this matchup whenever they are in the same tournament.


Zare also beat Akgul and now has to beat the other big one for the gold. he lost to Petriashvili in Tokyo and had to settle for bronze.


USA is in a very good position for the team title. 3 in the final and they still have Cox, Burroughs, Snyder and Gilman. this is the best US freestyle team ever, at least as far as I remember.

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2nd day semifinals


57: :USA Gilman vs :GER Lehr /// :IRI Sarlak vs :TUR Atli

65: :IRI Yazdani vs :KGZ Osmonov /// :RUS Shakhiev vs :MGL Tulga

79: :JPN Yoshida vs :USA Burroughs /// :GEO Kentchadze vs :IRI Nokhodi

92: :RUS Kurbanov vs :AZE Nurmagomedov /// :USA Cox vs :IRI Ghasempour


first session of the 2nd day was too good to be true :p all 4 Iranian wrestlers made it to the semifinal. hopefully at least 2 of them qualify for the final match tomorrow.

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4/4 in the final :yikes::yikes::clap::champion: unbelievable . some of these guys are considered very bad here , still made it to a World Championship final.




57: :USA Gilman vs :IRI Sarlak

65: :IRI Yazdani vs :RUS Shakhiev

79: :USA Burroughs vs :IRI Nokhodi

92: :RUS Kurbanov vs :IRI Ghasempour

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what a day, 2 gold medals from yesterday weights and 4 in the final. 16 matches and 16 wins :yikes: this is probably the best day ever for Iranian freestyle wrestling. both Yazdani and Zare beat the guy who denied them the Olympic gold medal in the World Championship final.


and Yazdani finally managed to beat David Taylor after losing to him 3 times! :clap: I never saw him crying, but there were lots of pressure on him to finally beat this guy.


Iran, USA and Russia won all 4 gold medals today and only these 3 countries have someone in the final tomorrow. it's very possible that nobody else wins a gold in the freestyle competition.

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