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Breaking 2021 Discussion Thread


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  • 2 months later...

After the official confirmation of Breaking at Olympics, the first big event will take place this saturday in Poland


Those are the representants of Red Bull BC One Finals




Johnny Fox :ESP

Amir :KAZ

Lee :NED

Nori :JPN

Tawfiq :NED

Thomaz :POL

Xak :ESP

Lagaet :FRA

Bart :BRA

Zoopreme :DEN:GAM

Wild Jerry :BLR

Gun :RUS

Sunni :GBR

Flea Rock :USA

Shigekix :JPN

Phil Wizard :CAN





Vavi :RUS

Sidi :GRE

Stefani :GBR

Ayumi :JPN

Fenny :FRA

Carito :ARG

Ram :JPN

Kastet :RUS

Ami :JPN

Nadia :RUS

Madmax :BEL

Yell :KOR

San Andrea :FRA

Logistx :USA

Paulina :POL

Luma :COL


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  • Sindo changed the title to Breaking 2021 Discussion Thread
  • 2 weeks later...
28 minutes ago, Laraja said:


Entries for World Championships in Paris.


Just B.boys, the list of B.girls is still to be announced.


A certain country about to throw another tantrum :whistle:



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