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Weightlifting Qualification to Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games


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54 minutes ago, Vic Liu said:

Any news about which ten classes will appear on Paris 2024? We will have new manmade OR and WR soon again.

It was really funny seeing ORs being broken at the Olympics and knowing “ya those will last for about a week”

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Please NO new weight classes again!! This is getting a bigger joke, than it already is... Plus it wouldn't be possible to make a good distribution with only 5 either way. They would still want to have 10 weights in their World and Continental events.


Just pick for the men - 61kg, 73kg, 81kg, 96kg, +109 (dropping 67kg and 109 kg)

And for the women - 55kg, 64kg, 76kg, 87kg, +87 (dropping 49kg, 59 kg)

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48 minutes ago, phelps said:

my 2 cents...


men: -65kg, -75kg, -85kg, -100kg, +100kg


women: -54kg, -62kg, -70kg, -80kg, +80kg

If you're absolutely forced to have five weights per gender, this does seem like quite a fair distribution. It's not ideal at all, but I can't think of a better distribution with the limit of five weights.

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