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Diving FINA World Cup 2018


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Today marked the start of this bi-annual event, which in this ocassion will also serve to qualify the top 8 divers in individual events and the top 6 pairs in synchro (including mixed events) receiving a direct invitation to compete at next year's World Diving Series.


Startlists - Detailed Results


No big surprises on the first day, as usual China took both golds in two non Olympic Events:


Mixed 10m Synchro Platform:

Gold: :CHN SI Yajie/LIAN Junjie

Silver: :CAN McKAY Caeli/RIENDEAU Vincent

Bronze: :RUS BELOVA Valeriia/NAZIN Sergey


Also qualified to 2019 WDS: :USA  :AUS  :PRK 



Team Event:

Gold: :CHN CHEN Yiwen/QIU Bo

Silver: :UKR LYSKUN Sofiia/KOLODIY Oleg

Bronze: :USA PALMER Krysta/DINSMORE David

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On the second day of the Diving World Cup, just one medal event, the 3m Synchro Springboard. Again gold for the Chinese, but it was closely contested as the British pair actually came first in the (useless) prelim round.


Men 3m Synchro Springboard:

Gold: :CHN CAO Yuan/XIE Siyi

Silver::GBR LAUGHER Jack/MEARS Chris



Other 2019 WDS qualifiers: :CAN  :USA  :UKR 


The other event contested was Women's 10m prelims, which had an awful level as, with the exception of the top 6 qualifiers) went for regular to plain bad in their executions. So as long as this continues, it will be hard to beat the Chinese in this event.

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Day 3 of Diving World Cup, saw the women's 10m platform finals. No big surprises, only the Chinese were good, while the other had average scores, proved by the 54.70 difference between 2nd and 3rd place. 


Women 10m Platform:

Gold: :CHN  ZHANG Jiaqi 

Silver: :CHN  REN Qian

Bronze: :MAS  PAMG Pandelela

Also qualified to 2019 WDS: :PRK KIM Kwang Hui, :MEX DEL ANGEL PENICHE Viviana, :UKR LYSKUN Sofiia, :CAN BENFEITO Meaghan, :GBR TOULSON Lois


Prelims in the 3m Springboard for men were also contested, but again, level of prelims was regular at best, with the 18 that did not/make less mistakes advancing to semis.

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Today 2 finals were contrested:


In men's 3m springboard, only the Chinese had an amazing performance; also in contention with them was Laugher, thanks in part to the dificulty degree of their dives, while the rest were just average.


Men 3m Springboard:

Gold: :CHN  XIE Siyi 

Silver: :CHN  CAO Yuan

Bronze: :GBR LAUGHER Jack

Other 2019 WDS qualifiers: :MEX PACHECO MARRUFO Rommel, :GER HAUSDING Patrick, :MEX CASTILLO HUERTA Yahel Ernesto, :IRL DINGLEY Oliver, :JPN SAKAI Sho



The other event was women's 10m Synchro Platform, again China was impressive, while contention for the other podium places was quite even between 3 pairs.


Women 10m Synchro Platform:

Gold: :CHN ZHANG Jiaqi/ZHANG Minjie

Silver: :PRK  KIM Mi Hwa/KIM Kwang Hui

Bronze::CAN BENFEITO Meaghan/McKAY Caeli


Also qualified to 2019 WDS: :MAS  :USA  :MEX 


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Today one final, considering Olympic events only, was disputed: the Men's 10m Synchronized Platform. Chinese were far beyond reach, but the drama came in the final dive, when one of the Mexican divers completely failed his dive and cost him a place in the podium.


Men 10m Synchro Platform:

Gold: :CHN CHEN Aisen/YANG Hao

Silver: :RUS  BELEVTSEV Aleksandr/SHLEIKHER Nikita

Bronze: :AUS BEDGGOOD Domonic/STACEY Declan


Also qualified to 2019 WDS: :MEX  :USA  :GBR


Also contested were the 3m Women Springboard, in which Jennifer Abel was leading until the last dive when she crumbled (as usual in her :wall:) and let the Chinese girl take first two places; besides those three, everyone had a mediocre competition, but it seems everyone is really trying to save their best for the finals.

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Penultimate day of 2018 World Cup.  Nothin unusual, first in the 3m Synchro Mixed, the Chinese took their 9th gold of the competition with very little opposition; the other podium places however saw an interesting competition


Mixed 3m Synchro Springboard:

Gold: :CHN WANG Han/LI Zheng


Bronze: :GBR  REID Grace/HASLAM Ross


Also qualified to 2019 WDS: :GER  :AUS  :MAS


In women's 3m springboard, Chinese divers again very impressive, while in the fight for the bronze Canada's Ware edged Keeney from Australia, both showing their experience against the rest.


Women 3m Springboard:

Gold: :CHN  SHI Tingmao

Silver: :CHN  WANG Han

Bronze: :CAN  WARE Pamela

2019 WDS qualifiers: :AUSKEENEY Maddison:USA PALMER Krysta, :AUS SMITH Anabelle, :GER PUNZEL Tina, :CAN ABEL Jennifer



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Final day of 2018 World Cup and the hosts completed their swept of the gold medals. Nothing else to say, besides being happy with divers from "non-traditional countries" like Ireland, France and the Netherlands gaining spot for the top level competition next year.


These are the last couple of results.


Men 10m Platform:

Gold: :CHN CHEN Aisen

Silver: :CHN  YANG Jian

Bronze: :USA  DINSMORA David

2019 WDS qualifiers: :FRA  AUFFRET Benjamin:MEX VILLARREAL TUDON Andres Isaac, :MEX BERLIN REYES Kevin, :RUS SHLEIKHER Nikita, :AUS BEDGGOOD Domonic


Women 3m Synchro Springboard:

Gold: :CHN CHANG Yani/SHI Tingmao

Silver: :CAN  ABEL Jennifer/CITRINI-BEAULIEU Melissa

Bronze: :AUS  QIN Esther/SMITH Anabelle


Also qualified to 2019 WDS: :NED  :UKR  :USA



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