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Rowing FISA World Cup 2018


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First World Cup series is in Belgrade, Serbia. Can still catch it up here: (though, from now on mostly Finals B)

Sinković brothers won their race, this time in Men's Pair.


World Rowing Cup II is in Linz Ottensheim, Austria on June 21-24, and III in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 13-15.

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Exceted about the german future in this sport. Men's eight and women's quadruple sculls are where they should be and finally a great talent in men's single sculls, only men's quadruple sculls is a bit worrying. I thought that Naske would end the german drought in men's single sculls, but apparently it will be Zeidler. Considering the age of the other top guys and the fact that Zeidler started rowing only 18 months ago, i see a good chance for him to medal in 2020, winning the first german medal in men's single sculls since 2000 and maybe even the first german gold in this event since 1992. Now that the qualification for the world championships is over, i hope that Naske and the second german team in women's quadruple sculls will be used to strengthen other boats.

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Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

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