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Slalom Canoeing ECA European Championships 2018


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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK





  • Marko MIRGORODSKÝ  (Individual + Team)
  • Alexander SLAFKOVSKÝ  (Individual + Team)
  • Michal MARTIKÁN  (Individual + Team)


  • Ladislav ŠKANTÁR/Peter ŠKANTÁR  (Individual + Team)
  • Tomáš KUČERA/Ján BÁTIK  (Individual + Team)
  • Matúš GEWISSLER/Juraj SKÁKALA  (Individual + Team)


  • Martin HALČIN  (Individual + Team)
  • Jakub GRIGAR  (Individual + Team)
  • Jakub STANOVSKÝ  (Individual + Team)





  • Monika ŠKÁCHOVÁ  (Individual + Team)
  • Soňa STANOVSKÁ  (Individual + Team)
  • Simona MACEKOVÁ  (Individual + Team)


  • Michaela HAŠŠOVÁ  (Individual + Team)
  • Eliška MINTÁLOVÁ  (Individual + Team)
  • Elena KALISKÁ  (Individual + Team)


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Kaspar/Sindler (CZE) win the first qualification run of the men's C2, at its last international appearance...


meanwhile Mallory Franklyn (GBR) dominated the field in the first qualification run of the women's C1...and I can't believe my eyes, Italy has qualified a girl to the semifinals in this discipline...:yikes::bounce:

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2 ore fa, Gianlu33 ha scritto:

Actually all events are interruped for bad weather:( 


Fortunately the weather conditions have improved and the races have restarted...


Jiri Prskavec (CZE) won the 1st qualification run of Men's K1...


and also the 2nd qualification run for  women's C1, men's C2 and men's K1 have been completed, so we have the full field of qualified athletes in these 3 disciplines (and the bad news for Italy is that no other Italians apart from De Gennaro, Horn and Sabattini have gone through to the semis at the moment)...


now the second part of today's program is already underway, and Fiona Pennie (GBR) won the women's K1 1st qualification run, with Stefanie Horn easily through to the semis (5th place for her) for Italy...


now the men's C1 1st qualification heat is running...

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So 12/15 qualified for the semifinals (Already 3 failures in the qualifications 2xW K1 and 1xM K1 :()


To note the amount of naturalized Slovaks in foreign teams is growing once again, after Marcel Potočný (Hungary), Jerguš Baďura (Norway), Dana Beňušová now using name Dana Mann-Beňušová, Older sister of Matej Beňuš (USA) and Samuel Stanovský (Latvia), Monika Mitašíková competed today for the first time at a major event for Sweden.

She said to our medias that canoe slalom is highly improving in Sweden, they are building a modern and impressive artificial venue near to Stockholm and they already are working with some serious young prospects

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34 minuti fa, dcro ha scritto:

Looks like no streaming today. :dunno:


it looks that TV limitations are very strict this time...:(


by the way, I can watch Czech Tv CT Sport HD (they're broadcasting all semis and finals live), who cares about the streaming? :lol::p:facepalm:


p.s. with a decent VPN, everybody can watch the Czech TV online (and maybe for this event there's even no need of a VPN...must check)...


p.p.s. I've just checked...VPN is required (at least here in Italy)...

Edited by phelps
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3 hours ago, dcro said:

Looks like no streaming today. :dunno:


Not sure if you know, but apparently SPTV (Sportska Televizija) will cover tomorrow's semi-finals and finals. Nothing today, sadly.


EDIT: Sorry, but nothing on their web page now, and they had it until yesterday, plus had it announced on TV. Wow, could it be that they wanted to have Youtube stream on their programme? SPTV is terrible, and could've been so good.

EDIT2: Looks like they have some problems with satellite transmission. Can't get to Croatia? Sorry again, wanted to watch it myself as well. :(

Edited by Kirkpatrick
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