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Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Replay Videos


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Day 2 added. Post above.


Links for each day in the OP of this thread.


Day -2, -1, 0 and 1 are complete with every single race of the day,


however In Day 2 we sadly miss 3 videos, for some reason the Evening Swimming Heats session (is the only Tokyo 2020 missing Swimming session in the video replays) and also the matches on Court 1 in Badminton are missing in both morning and evening sessions, hopefully they will be added soon.


Everything else is available. Good watching everybody !


Day 3 will be added tomorrow, need some rest now

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By all this full replays are without commentary. It's a pity for me. Full replays from London Olympics on You Tube, and from Rio 2016 on Olympic Channel with english commentary, which I like and appreciate, but those from Tokyo without any. Why is that? Any chance to improve that inconvenience.

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18 minutes ago, ChandlerMne said:

Perfect job!

I wonder what happenee with the commentaries. I tried women match USA vs ROC and some swimming, but even though i select english commentary, its still ambiental sound.

It works for me in almost all finals videos.


You have to click on No Commentary to have the commentary





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Done !




every single TV covered second of the Tokyo 2020 on one place (They also added the missing Day 2 Swimming Heats and Badminton Court 1 action of both sessions) so we have really everything in this database.


All Days Links are in the opening post of this thread.



Enjoy !  and good re-watching :)




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I hate to burst everyones bubble, but i do not think all of these replays will be available for a long time, unless they are able to move them all to their highlights & replays feature on the main website, like they did with Pyeongchang, i am concerned about it tbh

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