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Countries who did not win medal in 2016 but could win in 2020?


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27 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Weightlifting, triple jump, shooting for the first three I assume, where is Moldova's chance? And taekwondo for the ROT?

San Marino has a realistic chance in wrestling. (thanks to the seeding which will put two heavy favorites in other side of the draw)


and since all of ROT (EOR actually) serious athletes are Iranians, I can say "no medal" is the most probable outcome for them but if they end up winning a medal, that would be probably in Karate.


and yes :KGZ has 2 or maybe 3 good chance of medal in wrestling. I think at least one of them will win a medal.

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1 hour ago, DaniSRB said:

I am not experct in saling, can :wCYP: get a medal?

:wLAT: has chance in 3x3 basketball

:wMNE: in water polo

for Cyprus the best chances are in Shotgun Shooting, but they also have a slight chance in Sailing...

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