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Karate EKF European Championships 2018


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draws and results should be found here:


meanwhile here are the official schedule of the finals and the live streaming access page (registration is needed, but it's absolutely free):,-serbia

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6 minutes ago, phelps said:


it was expected...

still, despite I'm with Serbia all the time in the Kosovo dispute, I don't like when politics invade so strongly the sport's events...:facepalm::wall:

they were allowed to compete as neutral athletes but turned it down

all we know situation and is ridiculous would be to allow something more than that


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and we have the first results...


Women's Individual Kata

Gold Medal Bout: Viviana Bottaro (ITA) vs Sandra Sanchez Jaime (ESP)

Bronze Medal Bouts: Veronika Miskova (CZE) vs Dorota Balciarova (SVK) & Alexandra Feracci (FRA) vs Dilara Eltemur (TUR)


Men's Individual Kata

Gold Medal Bout: Damian Hugo Quintero Capdevila (ESP) vs Alì Sofuoglu (TUR)

Bronze Medal Bouts: Mattia Busato (ITA) vs Ilja Smorguner (GER) & Mehman Rzaev (RUS) vs Roman Heydarov (AZE)


good but not so good start for Italy...unfortunately Busato had to face the super-favourite Quintero already in the semifinal bout, so he couldn't get to the gold medal final...

in any case, as expected, here Spain are dominating the field...

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Men's Kumite +84kg

Gold Medal Bout: Shahin Atamov (AZE) vs Ivan Klepic (BIH)

Bronze Medal Bouts: Babacar Seck Sakho (ESP) vs Tyron-Darnell Lardy (NED) & Gogita Arkania (GEO) vs Jonathan Horne (GER)


Shameful performance by the defendig champion Simone Marino (ITA), who lost in round #1 against the unknown Tanel Paabo from Estonia...:facepalm:

he's just having an awful season...and probably he's going to compromise his chances to earn a direct spot through the World Ranking for Tokyo 2020...:wall:


Men's Kumite -84kg

Gold Medal Bout: Ivan Kvesic (CRO) vs Michele Martina (ITA)

Bronze Medal Bouts: Valerii Chobotar (UKR) vs Ugur Aktas (TUR) & Helio Hernandez (POR) vs Aykhan Mamayev (AZE)


Unlucky result here for Italy, with Michele Martina losing in the quarterfinals against Mamayev (AZE) only because of the Hantei from the Ref and the Judges (he was 2-0 head and let the Azeri recover in the final seconds of the bout)...

at least he should have a chance for the repechage, if the Azeri goes through to the final...


EDIT: see what happened in the following couple of posts...:evil:

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the live scoring system must have gone crazy...:yikes:


in the men's -84kg the semifinals were already completed, when the table draw went back to the quarterfinal between Martina and Mamayev and signaled that the final score of that bout has been overturned to 2-1 for the Italian...

I just don't understand how it's possible (and if there's a chance of a successful appeal, why the Azeri has already played his semifinal bout against the Portugese? now this guy would be enormously in disadvantage if he has to repeat his effort against a new opponent)...:mumble:


let's see how this story develops (and in any case, such a mess at the European Champs is definitely not a good advertising for the sport)...:mumble:

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so, it was actually a successful Italian appeal against the result of the quarterfinal bout between Martina and Mamayev...

therefore, the following semifinal bout between the Azeri and the Portuguese Hernandez was cancelled and a new one between Martina and Hernandez took place...

and finally, the Portuguese lost once, it's Martina that goes through to the Gold Medal final...:yikes:

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Women's Kumite +68kg

Gold Medal Bout: Eleni Chatziliadou (GRE) vs Anne Laure Florentin (FRA)

Bronze Medal Bouts: Laura Palacio Gonzalez (ESP) vs Andriana Vicovac (SRB) & Anamarija Celan Bujas (CRO) vs Dragana Konjevic (MNE)


Women's Kumite -68kg

Gold Medal Bout: Elena Quirici (SUI) vs Irina Zaretska (AZE)

Bronze Medal Bouts: Silvia Semeraro (ITA) vs Cristina Vizcaino Gonzalez (ESP) & Angela Mojsovska (MKD) vs Ivona Cavar (BIH)

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