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Poll 77/100 | Athletics | Who'll be the medallist in Men's and Women's 100m, Javelin Throw and Triple Jump?


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For :GRE the popular answer would be Katerina Stefanidi in the women's pole vault as she won gold in Rio, but honestly I don't think she is our best chance in Tokyo. I think it is Miltiadis Tentoglou in the men's long jump. He is the world leader this year and has competed in four competitions so far in 2021 and his best jumps from each were 8.60, 8.27, 8.38, and 8.48 and in some of these he wasn't even giving full effort and just wanted to complete a few jumps and then stop or stopped once he knew it was almost impossible for anyone to beat him.

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For :IND we have only one hope, Neeraj Chopra in Javelin. Barring a disaster, gold is almost surely going to Vetter. Behind him, many of the top competitors haven’t participated much this year, so hard to judge. But, going by past performances, am expecting Neeraj to throw 88+ in Olympics. 

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2 hours ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

I'll save the other events of athletics for prediction polls. 


Side Poll 


Who is your nation's best hope in athletics? It could be for a gold or other medal or finals or top 24.

Yarosalava Mahuchikh

Andrii Protsenko 

Mykhailo Kokhan

Maryna Bekh

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men's 100m: :USA Bromell :RSA Simbine :USA Kerley


women's 100m: :JAM Fraser-Price :USA Richardson :JAM Thompson


men's Javelin: :GER Vetter :POL Krukowski :TTO Walcott


women's Javelin: :CHN Lyu :GER Hussong :AUS Mitchell


men's Triple Jump: :BUR Zango :POR Pichardo :USA Claye


women's Triple Jump: :VEN Rojas :JAM Ricketts :JAM Williams



side poll: Tamberi (men's High Jump) and Palmisano (women's 20km Race Walk) are the only true medal chances for Italy...

then, if at least a couple of the top 5 favourite in the men's 100m fail, maybe even Jacobs (men's 100m) and Giorgi (women's 20km Race Walk) could have an outside chance to make the podium...

the rest of our specialists are lucky if they can get in the bottom ranks of some final or get close to the final (and many are just "cosmetic")...

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