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  1. Men's 100m Breaststroke Qualified Nations: Australia - Jake Packard Australia - Joshua Palmer Bahamas - Dustin Tynes Bermuda - Julian Fletcher Brazil - Felipe France Silva Brazil - Joao Gomes Canada - Jason Block China - Li Xiang China - Yan Zibei Colombia - Jorge Murillo Valdes Finland - Matti Mattsson Germany - Christian Vom Lehn Great Britain - Ross Murdoch Great Britain - Adam Peaty Greece - Panagiotis Samilidis Grenada - Corey Ollivierre Guam - Benjamin Schulte
  2. Men's 1500m Freestyle Qualified Nations: Argentina - Martin Naidich Australia - Mack Horton Australia - Jack McLoughlin Austria - Felix Auboeck Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mihajlo Ceprkalo Brazil - Brandonn Almeida Brazil - Miguel Valente Canada - Ryan Cochrane Chile - Miguel Felipe Tapia Salinas China - Sun Yang China - Qiu Ziao Cook Islands - Wesley Roberts Czech Republic - Jan Micka Denmark - Anton Ipsen Denmark - Pal Joensen Ecuador - Esteban Enderica Egypt - Akaram Mah
  3. Men's 400m Freestyle Qualified Nations: Andorra - Pol Arias Dourdet Argentina - Martin Naidich Australia - Mack Horton Australia - David McKeon Austria - Felix Auboeck Austria - David Brandl Barbados - Alex Sobers Brazil - Luiz Altamir Melo Canada - Ryan Cochrane Cayman Islands - Geoffrey Butler China - Sun Yang China - Qiu Ziao Cyprus - Iacovos Hadjiconstantinou Czech Republic - Jan Micka Denmark - Mads Glaesner Denmark - Anton Ipsen Egypt - Marwan El-Kamash Egyp
  4. Men's 200m Freestyle Qualified Nations: Antigua and Barbuda - Noah Mascoll-Gomes Argentina - Federico Grabich Aruba - Mikel Schreuders Australia - Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia - David McKeon Austria - Felix Auboeck Belgium - Glenn Surgeloose Belgium - Pieter Timmers Brazil - Joao De Luca Brazil - Nicolas Oliveira China - Shang Keyuan China - Sun Yang Egypt - Marwan El-Kamash El Salvador - Marcelo Acosta Finland - Matias Koski France - Yannick Agnel France - Jeremy Stra
  5. Men's 100m Freestyle Qualified Nations: Algeria - Oussama Sahnoune Argentina - Federico Grabich Australia - Kyle Chalmers Australia - Cameron McEvoy Belarus - Yauhen Tsurkin Belgium - Glenn Surgeloose Belgium - Pieter Timmers Brazil - Marcelo Chierighini Brazil - Nicolas Oliveira Bulgaria - Alaksandar Nikolov Cambodia - Sovijja Pou Canada - Santo Condorelli Canada - Yuri Kisil China - Ning Zetao China - Yu Hexin Cote d´Ivoire - Thibaut Danho Dominican Republic - Jhonny P
  6. Men's 50m Freestyle Qualified Nations: Albania - Sidni Hoxha Algeria - Oussama Sahnoune Argentina - Fenando Grabich Armenia - Vahan Mkhtaryan Australia - Matthew Abood Australia - Cameron McEvoy Bahrain - Rahman Rahman Bangladesh - Mohammad Mahfizur Rahman Belgium - Jasper Aerents Belgium - Francois Heersbrandt Benin - Jules Yao Bessan Bolivia - Jose Alberto Quintanilla Moreno Brazil - Bruno Fratus Brazil - Italo Duarte Burkina Faso - Thierry Sawadogo Burundi - Billy-Scott Irak
  7. Olympic Aquatics Stadium Sports: Swimming, Water Polo Zone: BARRA Location: Barra Olympic Park The Olympic Aquatics Stadium will be in the heart of Barra Olympic Park, 10 minutes from the Olympic and Paralympic Village. It will host swimming in the first week and the complete Knock-Out Phase of both water polo tournaments during the second week of the Olympic Games. The Constructions works on the venue began in 2013 with expected capacity of 18,000 temporary seats within a permanent structure. After
  8. ok, I had to delete some posts. folks, it´s really necessary to insult each other on a olympic venues thread? Please guys, I really don´t like to play a policeman here, plus I have a lot of work this period, so please don´t make me extra work with monitoring and controling each post here,
  9. Amazing Results. Really impressive. I expected a very good champs for Martin and Marie, but certainly not so good Congrats, you can be proud of your team,
  10. Don´t know, I am not a badminton expert at all, but usually there 3 courts, no? shouldnt be also 3 at Rio? Don´t know
  11. Women's Individual Qualified Nations: Argentina - Iryna Khokhlova Australia - Chloe Esposito Belarus - Anastaiya Prokopenko Brazil - Yane Marques Canada - Melanie McCann Canada - Donna Vakalis China - Chen Qian China - Liang Wanxia Cuba - Leydi Moya Egypt - Haydy Morsy France - Elodie Clouvel Germany -Janine Kohlmann Germany - Lena Schoneborn Great Britain - TBD Great Britain - TBD Guatemala - Isabel Brand Hungary - Zsofia Foldhazi Hungary - Sarolta Kovacs
  12. Men's Individual Qualified Nations: Argentina - Emmanuel Zapata Australia - Max Esposito Brazil - TBD China - TBD China - TBD Cuba - Jose Figueroa Czech Republic - Jan Kuf Czech Republic - David Svoboda Egypt - TBD Egypt - TBD France - Valentin Belaud France - Valentin Prades Great Britain - Joseph Choong Great Britain - Jamie Cooke Guatemala - Charles Fernandez Hungary - TBD Hungary - TBD Ireland - Arthur Lanigan O'Keeffe Italy - Riccardo de Luca Ja
  13. Modern Pentathlon Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016 Qualifying Timeline EVENT DATE STATUS Host Quota - Completed 2015 Asian and Oceanian Championships (Beijing, CHN) 01.06.2015-05.06.2015 Completed 2015 World Cup Final (Minsk, BLR) 12.06.2015-14.07.2015 Completed 2015 World Championships (Berlin, GER) 28.06.2015-06.07.2015 Completed 2015 Pan American Games (Toronto, CAN)
  14. Riocentro Pavilions 2, 3, 4, 6 Sports: Weightlifting (Pav.2), Table Tennis (Pav.3), Badminton (Pav.4), Boxing (Pav.6) Zone: BARRA Location: Riocentro The city’s main exhibition and convention centre, Riocentro is next to the Olympic and Paralympic Village and within five minutes of Barra Olympic Park. Four Pavilions of the Riocentro were selected to host 4 different sports during the Rio de Janeiro 2016. Pavilion 2 will stage weightlifting, Pavilion 3 Table Tennis, Pavilion 4 Badminton and new constructed
  15. I think, one of the options to be take on consideration is. Post the full results of the Olympic Sports World and Continental Championships, with a medal standing at the end of the day. Post medalists or top 6/top 10 of each olympic sport event (not a World or continental Championship) like a world cup, Grand Prix, world tour stage etc... and adding a link for the remaining standing. (or adding them on the spoiler) Post only medalists in non-olympic sports, no need medal table. but ofc, we have to try first, how to post results, because this softw
  16. we have so far only 24 qualified athletes from the 8 Nations qualified for the Team Event (3 per country)
  17. Updated as of 13th March 2016 after Fencing FIE Final Womens Foil Olympic Ranking
  18. Women's Team Epee Qualified Nations: Brazil. China. Estonia. France. Romania. Russia. South Korea. Ukraine. United States. Total Athletes Qualified 27 Total Nations Qualified 9
  19. Women's Team Sabre Qualified Nations: France. Italy. Mexico. Poland. Russia. South Korea. Ukraine. United States. Total Athletes Qualified 24 Total Nations Qualified 8
  20. Women's Individual Foil Qualified Nations: Algeria - Anissa Khelfaoui Brazil - Bia Bulcao Brazil - Tais Rochel Canada - Eleanor Harvey China - Le Huilin China - Liu Yongshi Colombia - Saskia van Erven Egypt - Noura Mohamed France - Astrid Guyart France - Ysaora Thibus Germany - Carolin Golubitskyi Greece - Aikaterini-Maria Kontochristopoulou Hong Kong - Lin Po Heung Hungary - Edina Knapek Hungary - Aida Mohamed Isarel - Delila Hatuel Italy - Arianna Errigo Italy -
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