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    Hello all,
    As qualification systems are starting to be released for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Totallympics is reviving its news section. Founded in 2020 as "Qualifying to the Games", the section was put on hold in 2021. It has rebranded to "Totallympics News" with an aim to publish regular articles leading up to Paris 2024 and beyond.
    In the past, this was more in the style of a blog, with irregular articles mostly published when a writer had a whim to write on a topic interesting them. The aim of this project is to provide a more comprehensive news section to compliment the forum. There is no sports news site currently has a primary focus on Olympic qualifications, and therefore we can help fill that gap.
    I hope people continue to use and enjoy Totallympics, and if you are interested in helping in this project, please contact the site admin @Sindo.
    Patrick Green
    Writer, Totallympics News
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