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  1. 2 hours ago, prso1000 said:

    I think France will destroy Argentina. Not that I like that outcome, both teams as champions is a nightmare. 

    Messi is a great player, although a d**k, but the French team is better. Only weak point France has is the goalkeeper. 


    That's because, he is not from Angola :cry:


    But seriously, you didn't paid too much attention to the french games if you think so. Lloris have been very solid so far. We have much more worrying weak points (right back and to a lesser degree the left one also)

  2. 58 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

    Wow, this is actually a rare proposal that makes quite some sense. Especially the minimum climate conditions and existing infrastructure. Winter Olympics in largely green areas with zero prior infrastructure (and so most likely also not a lot of stuff happening after the Olympics) are....well, not great.


    The issue would be with ice rinks. Mountains towns rarely have the need for 10,000+ indoor arenas.

  3. 18 hours ago, konig said:

    Well, we are a little surprise here because its not the first time someone of North America did a jorunalistic note about this, like argentinian i have to say this:

    Surprise, surprise. Getting a little on the nerves when someone from a foreign country is bringing Identity politics to your national team ?

  4. Just now, phelps said:

    I have a (wet) dream...


    quarterfinal match between :FRA and :ENG :popcorn:


    Maguire makes a very hard tackle on Mbappè, who gets injured.


    all the Fench players go mad and a massive hockey-style brawl explodes on the pitch...


    after a 30-minute VAR review, at least 7 players on each side are ejected and so both teams remain without the minimum required number of footballers, the match is abandoned and both teams are DSQ from the World Cup :yikes: :lol: :roflmao: 


    then, I wake up and :FRA are World Champions once again...I get depressed and stop watching any sport for the rest of my life...:cry: :facepalm: :hairpull:

    I thought you had already stoped watching sport since the introduction of breakdancing ?

  5. How are the TV audiences doing in your countries ?


    Here, the first french game against Australia had almost the exact same figure than four years ago against the same team (12.53 M vs 12.59 M), but with a very time slot (monday at 20.00 vs saturday at 12.00), so hard to compare :question:

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