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  1. Interesting... But their conclusion seems doubtful. It didn't happen yet, and I don't see any reason why it would happen in the future
  2. Incidentally, I'm casually posting this video of my favorite 2 minutes of football ever live in a stadium.
  3. I thought you had already stoped watching sport since the introduction of breakdancing ?
  4. Next week is going to be the first - KO match ever (Euro OR WC)
  5. 1. Kylian Mbappé, men's football 2. Kylian Mbappé, men's blind soccer 3. Kylian Mbappé, men's 110m hurdles 4. Kylian Mbappé, men's archery individual 5. Kylian Mbappé, men's C1 slalom
  6. Mexico is the single most under-archiver country in the history of the World Cup. How a single-sport 130m relative rich country has only reached the quarter finals two times (both on home soil) is beyond belief. The country should be a second Brazil.
  7. There is an official request from the french camp about this disallowed goal.
  8. Definitely, they don't want the US missing it again, 4 years before their home World Cup
  9. How are the TV audiences doing in your countries ? Here, the first french game against Australia had almost the exact same figure than four years ago against the same team (12.53 M vs 12.59 M), but with a very time slot (monday at 20.00 vs saturday at 12.00), so hard to compare
  10. Indeed, it will all be forgotten in 24 hours like any any good ceremony.
  11. That's the moment when we are really, really, missing the downvotes counter on youtube.
  12. When you reach your fist ever world championship medal PS: the guy responsable for the anthems should be put in jail
  13. Freaking unbelievable, we eliminated Spain
  14. A 40 minutes video ! The FFF is really trying too hard ! And no Captain Tsubasa kit
  15. Well, yes, the argentinian team in big games. Fine... Rght now, the Spain-Mozanbique game is not doing much better than the France-Chile one earlier this afternoon
  16. All right, I somehow had forgotten about this time difference thing
  17. I was reading an ITW from the french rink hockey team coach. He seems to be very much against these 'Games' and would favored a return to the old RH World Cup. Can't be the only one thinking like that.
  18. Likely, yes and also revenues they were expecting didn't happen. I don't think the competition will survive much longer.
  19. The whole point of this Pro League was to move away from the tournaments format and to provide regular home games helping growing a fan base in each country
  20. Amazing performances by the french athletes here (no) . You have to wonder why it was chosen for Paris and by who
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