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  1. Shame it couldn't be Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the same group.
  2. Slovenia making the Olympics in 2014 was a shock, them making it twice in a row is just extraordinary. They did great in 2014, though, so it's nice to see them back.
  3. Sad for Denmark, they have done really well over the last couple of quads yet they always come short from qualifying for the Olympics. At this point I really hope France and Latvia qualify. I wanted Denmark to make it from the other tournament so I don't have a real preference anymore.
  4. Don't be silly, we don't want to remove the whole sport. We just want to get rid of the sprint
  5. It's a subcontinent that accounts for a billion and a half people and who are severly underrepresented at the Olympics. It's a huge potential growth area for the IOC.
  6. Cricket would add a lot of diversity since it's the most popular sport in India / Pakistan / Bangledesh / Afghanistan / Sri Lanka.
  7. Archery: add mixed team event. Athletics: remove 50km walk. Badminton: add men's and women's team events. Have 64 player singles draws, 32 teams doubles draws and 16 team mixed doubles draw. Remove group stages. Baseball/Softball: remove. Boxing: add two women's weight classes. Cycling: add road team time trial, road criterium, track madisson, BMX time trial. Canoeing Slalom: remove men's C-2, replace it by women's C-1. Hold team events for all boats. Canoeing Sprint: men's and women's C-1 200, C-1 1000m, C-2 1000m, K-1 200, K-1 1000, K-1 10000, K-2 1000 and K-4 1000. Fencing: add two team events so we can stop the farce of the team event rotation. Golf: add a men's and women's team event (four person scramble over the first two rounds of the individual event) and a men's, women's and mixed pair matchplay event. Gymnastics: add men's and women's synchronized trampoline and tumbling. Judo: add men's and women's team event. Karate: remove kumite, add team kata. Modern Pentathlon: remove. Rowing: remove men's LW4-, add women's 4-. Sailing: have men's and women's sailboat, one person dinghy, two person dinghy, skiff, kitesurfing and multihull. Shooting: have men's and women's 50m pistol, 25m rapid fire pistol, 10m air riffle, 50m air riffle three position, trap, double trap and skeet. Skateboarding: add vert. Sports Climbing: change the name to climbing. Remove combined event, add speed, lead and bouldering events. Surfing: remove. Swimming: add men's 800m freestyle and women's 1500m freestyle. Synchronized Swimming: remove. Table tennis: add men's, women's and mixed doubles. Allow three per country in singles. Taekwondo: add two weight classes per gender. Tennis: add men's and women's team event. Triathlon: add mixed relay. Weightlifting: add an eighth women's weight class. Wrestling: remove Greco-Roman, add seventh freestyle weight class for both men and women. Squash: men's and women's singles and team.
  8. Looks like we aren't losing our only ever weightlifting bronze medal for long
  9. This is getting ridiculous. They should just wait eight years before awarding the medals >.>
  10. I believe women's canoeing is also likely to be introduced (looks like the C2 in slalom and the K2-200m and the C1-200m might be removed to make room) and that rowing is going to have seven men's events and seven women's event (the most sensible plan I've seen is to remove the men's lightweight four to replace it with the women's four). Golf, table tennis and archery also want mixed events.
  11. Windsurfing is a completly different sport.
  12. I can't believe I'm feeling bad for an "Azeri", but damn, Sotomayor got robbed. Ridiculous.
  13. What a great performance full of promise for the future. This should be a great quadrennial
  14. Passivity (running away, really) from the Mongolian.
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