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  1. 2 hours ago, phelps said:

    by the way, the Russians today didn't enter in the Mixed Team Pistol event (but they're still in the starting list of the next team events...we'll see if they really compete or not)...


    most likely, they abandoned the world cup stage in Cairo...:mumble:

    Following the respective decision of the IOC Executive Board and a meeting with the IOC President,  the ISSF decided that athletes from the Russian Federation and Belarus will not be allowed to take part in ISSF Championships.


    This decision entered into force at 16.00 CET on March 1, 2022 and is valid until upon further notice.



  2. 16 minutes ago, thiago_simoes said:

    Yes, and that's it. So, don't try to justify this decision by mentioning that India is trying to help avoiding a global war. A neutral reaction right now only shows India defends its own interests and is not worried about Ukraine or peace at all. 

    Yes, we don’t care for Ukraine that is why we are plainly saying Russia must stop violence. That is why we are sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

    Still waiting to know what concrete steps has EU/NATO taken. 

  3. Just now, thiago_simoes said:

    Yeah, I'm sure global peace will be within reach because India chose to be neutral here.

    The "not my problem" approach is everything we need right now to avoid a global war. Genius.

    And what has NATO/EU exactly done to help Ukraine? Apart from empty speeches? NATO watched silently when Crimea was annexed. Everybody knew that Russia was going to invade Ukraine but did they do anything? Tell me how many NATO soldiers are there in Ukraine? Sanctions on Russia excludes energy sector, which is Russia's major export. They were even debating if diamonds and hand bags should be exempted or not. And yet it is India's "not my problem" approach which is preventing peace. 


    We depend a lot on Russia for defence equipment. If Pakistan and/or China try some mischief, how much can we rely on USA/NATO? We know we are on our own, which was more than visible in the initial days of Delta wave, and we will do what is best in our interest. World does the same. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

    And Belarus, 'funnily'.


    Interesting list of leaders throughout the years, this NAM :p 

    NAM is a useless organisation with zero effect on Indian foreign policy or any country's foreign policy for that matter. But, funny that you mentioned pro-Russia Belarus while ignoring that NAM also has almost all Africa, Caribbean and Asia as its members including Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.

  5. 2 minutes ago, thiago_simoes said:

    Well, I don't see how this is "handling a difficult situation quite well". But everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

    India is not a player in the conflict. For us the primary concern is 1) Trying to avert a global World War and 2) safe evacuation of 20K Indians stuck in Ukraine. And I reiterate Indian government is doing the best it can to meet both goals. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, opruh said:

    Is india sanctioning Russia? india and China are currently both neutral at the moment whether you like it or not. 

    I am perfectly fine with India being neutral. I think our govt has handled a difficult situation quite well. But difference between Indian and Chinese position is while we are calling for an end to violence, Chinese are talking about Russia's legitimate security demands.  

  7. 20 minutes ago, opruh said:

    West and its allies at most is around 1.5+ billion people. China and India alone which stated their neutrality here is 3+ billion. While the most of the world is united in stopping the war asap, not the same can be said about this strange moves in the sporting world being spearheaded by the west.

    I would like if you didn't include India alongside China. Though abstaining, we have categorically said there should be cessation of violence from Russia. We are abstaining because we need Russian veto in case of Pakistan/China resolutions. Also, our dependence on Russia for defence equipments. 

  8. 1 hour ago, NearPup said:

    I think “war of conquest” is a pretty decent line. In Crimea there was conquest but certainly no war (it was more a bloodless coup than anything else). If Putin had just done a “peacekeeping” escapade in the Donbas I think most of the world would have waved their fingers but not have reacted too strongly.


    But invading a country that quite clearly does not want to be invaded for the clear goal of annexing it (Putin sort of discredited any plausible deniability with his speech)? Wherever the line is, surely that is beyond it?

    This is the problem, we don't have an escalation ladder. You annex Crimea, no problem pass us some more of the Vodka while we enjoy the Football World Cup. You do peacekeeping in Donbas, aah tough luck Ukrainians, busy booking my tickets to Moscow. Tanks surrounding Kyiv, that is it. No Russian shall even think of sports. 


    Also, need to figure out how to allow local protests while maintaining sports code. For example, for us tanks surrounding Kyiv is war of conquest but I am sure for Ukrainians even Crimea was war of conquest. And what if some nation wants to boycott another nation for some other things. Take for an example, if some nation wants to boycott Qatar WC, should they be allowed to do so? What should be the sanctions, if any, they face? IOC even threatened consequences if a nation skipped Tokyo Olympics. (Not sure if they followed up on it or not). 

  9. 8 hours ago, Dolby said:

    I have seen some videos of Indian students alleging discrimination from Ukrainian official but I would personally give them benefit of doubt because of the volatile situation. I think the reality is a combination of many different things, where some official must be angry at India and discriminated against some students, tense students mistaking the delay as discrimination and a variety of other issues. 

    Sadly there appears to be some truth in this. Seen too many videos and testimonies from many Indian and African students alleging racial discrimination. Disappointing. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, Orangehair43 said:

    When is the last time an Israeli athlete competed in Iran? 

    And Iran has faced bans for that. Iran can't even think of hosting any prominent sports where there is a good chance Israelis would qualify. Also, the general consensus among sports fans is that Irani policy is wrong. I am ok with Russia being banned but then we can't suddenly say that don't mix politics and sports when India denies visa to Pakistani sportspersons or an Irani athlete refuses to compete against Israeli.  

  11. I can understand people's emotions but this is setting a precedent, which will be used in future. Iran will claim that Israel is at war with it and hence they are within their rights to deny their athletes visa, which is much lower than banning Russia. Same with India-Pakistan Serbia-Kosovo and many others. 



  12. 1 hour ago, lapaj said:


    The indian embassy requested help from Hungary to evacuate 950 students. The first group arrived yesterday:


    There are an estimated 15-20K Indians stuck in Ukraine. Indian embassies are working really hard to evacuate all of them. And from all accounts, we are receiving exemplary support from all the neighbours, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. We are thankful to all of you. Till now around 1000 Indians have been rescued. 

  13. 3 hours ago, opruh said:

    Some indian students are appealing for help since they are not being allowed by the ukrainians to cross the border to Poland, the reason being given is that because india sided with russia despite the fact that india is actually neutral as shown by their abstaining in the un resolution.

    I have seen some videos of Indian students alleging discrimination from Ukrainian official but I would personally give them benefit of doubt because of the volatile situation. I think the reality is a combination of many different things, where some official must be angry at India and discriminated against some students, tense students mistaking the delay as discrimination and a variety of other issues. 

  14. 1 hour ago, NaBUru38 said:

    The Americas deserve a third spot.

    Unless there is expansion, don't see Americas deserving a third spot. Oceania, Africa already have bare minimum spots. So, any additional spot for Americas have to come from either Asia (3) or Europe (7). Americas doesn't deserve more spots than Asia. One can argue that almost 50% of spots for Europe is high but then Europe does have a large number of good teams. In fact, except Argentina and occasionally Canada, none of the other American teams have been competitive at World stage. Asia on the other hand has in :IND:PAK:KOR:MAS:JPN 5 decent teams and 3 spots. I would prefer a system with 5 spots for Europe instead of 7 and remaining spots to go to a World tournament. 

  15. 2 hours ago, NearPup said:

    Given their stated goal (per their own MoU) is essentially to overthrow the government and abolish the Canadian constitution, not that crazy. The people running this either have no idea what the implications of their MoU are, or they are just crazy.


    All MPs were advised to stay away from Parliament Hill.

    For the past one year, so many Canadian politicians, including Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, have been supporting such protests in India. Hopefully, these protests show them how wrong they were and they think twice before supporting anarchy in other democracies. 

  16. Come on guys, lets be realistic. AO organizers wanted Novak to play. So, they gave him a medical exemption. Australian officials had no problem, so they gave him a visa. There was public outcry over this exemption, so politicians do what they always do: backtrack to save their ass. All this talk of procedures is simply for public consumption and to give themselves reasonable defense in case of any legal action. 

  17. On 1/1/2022 at 2:51 PM, up and down said:

    Coaches Mulyo, Tan Kim Her to be again in India by year-end


    I so happened to read a lot of news like this online. Somehow it is already 1st January 2022 and yet both these coaches are nowhere to be seen in India. So is it referring to end of year 2022 next? Strange?

    From what I can gather, Mulyo's contract with Singapore team is till Jan or Feb. Only after that is over, we will get an official confirmation on where he is headed next. 


    P.S. Double Olympic medallist Yong Sung Yoo has joined Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy as head coach. 

  18. Honestly I would blame AO authorities more than Djokovic. Djokovic is a known anti-vaxxer so his participation would have raised questions for sure. The first question he would have been asked would have been about his vaccination status. So, he keeping silence about it was not possible. Also, he is fully within his rights to try and play. It is the job of organizers to be firm and unbiased. You want Djokovic to play, either convince him to get vaccine (which is not happening) or drop the vaccine requirement from your side. Simply say, anyone who can get Australian visa is eligible for the tournament. You can't give exemption to Djokovic while denying others. And it is clear that Australian authorities must have given verbal green light to organizers about Djokovic visa before the announcement. But they changed their stance after public outcry. Well, politicians have to win elections. They care more about their votes than Djokovic and tennis world's opinion. Organizers should have known this. 


    Lastly, it is really sad that one of the biggest sporting player of our times, a legend of the game, a player who I enjoy watching is an anti-vaxxer. I understand that it is his choice and it doesn't take anything away from his achievements but it is just sad. 

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