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  1. 13 hours ago, Rafa Maciel said:

    BBC have announced that they have obtained the rights to show both summer and winter Olympic games through to 2032:


    Olympic Games to remain free to air on BBC up to 2032 - BBC Sport


    In the past, British viewers were spoiled by the BBC - particularly in London and Rio - with dedicated coverage for each individual sport so you didn't miss anything. Unfortunately, after the rights were sold to WB Discovery, the BBC coverage pretty much fell off a cliff and we were left with just 2 live streams and only one of them was on terrestrial TV whilst the other was online. For Tokyo, we had to endure hours of "talking heads" filling the time with inane chatter talking about sports that they hadn't bothered to research and didn't have a clue what was going on.


    So, whilst it's good news that the BBC will be continuing to show the games, if the terms are the same as they were for Tokyo, I think it is safe to say that true sports fans will be left wholly underwhelmed by their offering. 

    I will argue, that the BBC's coverage will do for a general audience, and that for Olympic obsessives like us Eurosport does offer a very reasonable price, compared to Sky Sports and BT Sport. Eurosport's coverage of Tokyo 2020 was no-frills (I like the BBC's "frills" tbh) but it was perfect for people like us: turn on the stream you wanted, and watch the sport you wanted, no real coverage, interviews, etc. My plan was to have BBC on the big screen, and Eurosport on the laptop/small screens.

  2. I've now won more trophies than Tottenham this season!

    1 minute ago, vinipereira said:

    As we've reached the end of the competitive categories, now it's time for the Totallympics' Stars Award, which celebrates our own members. Voted by their peers, these users made some important contributions, having a strong presence in our forum. Here, they are nominated for many different reasons, such as: organization of prediction contests, work on results section, writing for Totallympics News, TISC hosting duties, and discussions or sports info in our threads. All members are valuable for making Totallympics the best sports forum on the internet. We salute you all, including those not listed. This year, the Totallympics' Stars Award honorees are:





    :CRO @dcro :CZE @Hipooo :ITA @phelps
    :GBR @Dragon :IRI @MHSN :POL @rafalgorka
    :POL @frantic13poland :GBR @Mkbw50 :HUN @Vektor
    :SVK @hckošice :USA @Olympian1010 :POL @Vojthas
    :NED @heywoodu :IRL @OlympicIRL :DEN @Wumo



  3. 5 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:

    Well, where to begin…


    The forum stayed online another year thanks to @Sindo. It got a facelift thanks to the content generated by @Matej@JoshMartini007@Vojthas @Mkbw50 and others. Our results section grew thanks to the major contribution of @frantic13poland, among others. We celebrated another two editions of TISC under the guidance of @OlympicIRL, with wonderful hosts @Vektor @Hipooo. Our competitive circuit of prediction contests was once again successfully overseen by @Wumo, and our end of year awards revived by @vinipereira. Finally, the moderation team kept things (mostly) civil in the threads for another year against all odds. Hats off all :hatoff:


    It finally felt like international sports returned to a semi-normal state this year. We celebrated another Olympics, World Cup, and numerous other events together. Unfortunately, it was also a year marked by conflict. Conflict between nations; between internal domestic forces; between users. It was certainly a year of highs and lows; from top athletes missing the Olympics due to Covid and other injuries, to Messi finally leading Argentina to a World Cup victory. Some of us spent time recovering from injuries and illness, while others celebrated bringing a new life into the world. Through it all, and not to lean too hard on the favorite cliche of the international sports community, we were united by sport. 


    Whether we were captivated or devastated, entertained or bored, overjoyed by victory or ostensibly angered by loss; users alike were connected by sport. We screamed, laughed, argued, celebrated, and debated like one large dysfunctional family; a brotherhood of international sports fans. I can say, without a shred of doubt, that my year was inextricably improved by the time I spent on this forum. If time is money, then joining the forum just over four years ago was one of my more sound investments. I’d like to thank all of you for your contributions to this forum. We’ve collectively grown such a wonderful, even if occasionally frustrating, community. 


    Additionally, many of you have been so incredibly supportive of my career as an international sports journalist. I can’t thank you enough for your support. I can only hope to repay you with more excellent content in the year to come. 


    So with that sentiment, let’s remember fondly the year we’re leaving behind, and greet the future with great enthusiasm. We’re now mere minutes away from the last Totallympics time zone joining everyone else in the New Year, so break out the confetti, libations, firecrackers, boomsticks, and cursed vuvuzelas. It’s time for one last celebration in 2022!

    Thank you for the kind recognition.


    Totallympics continues to be a place that keeps the Olympic flame and love for Olympic sports alive. As the IOC is increasingly controversial and athletics and other sports seem more and more squeezed, we keep the love and interest up and everyone can contribute, whether they've been a member for years or days


    for sportswomen in Olympic sports


    #1: Therese Johaug (Norway)
    #2: Irene Schouten (Netherlands)
    #3: Sydney McLaughlin (USA)
    #4: Tobi Amusan (Nigeria)
    #5: Katie Ledecky (USA)
    #6: Eileen Gu (China)




    for sportsmen in Olympic sports


    #1: Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway)
    #2: Alexander Bolshunov (Russia)
    #3: Armand Duplantis (Sweden)
    #4: Nils van der Poel (Sweden)
    #5: Kristóf Milák (Hungary)
    #6: David Popovici (Romania)




    for athletes in Paralympic sports


    #1: Jesper Pedersen (Norway)
    #2: Momoka Muraoka (Japan)
    #3: Yang Hongqiong (China)
    #4: Stefano Raimondi (Italy)
    #5: Leanne Smith (USA)
    #6: Bethany Firth (GB)




    for athletes in Non-Olympic sports


    #1: Max Verstappen (Netherlands)
    #2: David Clifford (Ireland)
    #3: Ben Stokes (GB)
    #4: Aaron Donald (USA)
    #5: Francesco Bagnaia (Italy)
    #6: Josh Addo-Car (Australia)




    for any athlete up to 18 years old (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports)


    #1: David Popovici (Romania)
    #2: Eileen Gu (China)
    #3: Summer McIntosh (Canada)
    #4: Jessica Gadirova (GB)
    #5: Erriyon Knighton (USA)
    #6: Mollie O'Callaghan (Australia)




    for men's teams or groups (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports)


    #1: Australia Rugby League (Australia)
    #2: Argentina Football (Argentina)
    #3: England Cricket (GB)
    #4: Sweden Curling (Sweden)
    #5: Finland Ice Hockey (Finland)
    #6: Australia Cricket (Australia)




    for women's teams or groups (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports)


    #1: Scotland/GB Curling (GB)
    #2: New Zealand Rugby (NZ)
    #3: Australia Rugby League (Australia)
    #4: Brazil Football (Brazil)
    #5: Australia Cricket (Australia)
    #6: Canada Ice Hockey (Canada)




    for doubles or pairs (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports)

    #1: Barbora Krejčíková/Kateřina Siniaková (Czech Republic)
    #2: Cheng Qingchen/Jia Yifan (China)
    #3: Francesco Friedrich/Thorsten Margis (Germany)
    #4: Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron (France)
    #5: Alfie Hewitt/Gordon Reid (GB)
    #6: Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik (Malaysia)




    for the most improved athlete or team (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports)


    #1: Carlos Alcaraz (Spain)
    #2: Morocco men's football (Morocco)
    #3: Leon Marchand (France)
    #4: England women's football (GB)
    #5: Simon Ehammer (Switzerland)
    #6: Wang Jianan (China)




    for any sport moment from 2022 (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports)


    #1: 2022 World Cup Final (Argentina)
    #2: Duplantis WR (Sweden)
    #3: Wightman gold in front of dad (GB)
    #4: Milák WR on home soil (Hungary)
    #5: Golden point in Rugby League World Cup semifinal (Samoa)
    #6: Kerry last minute free to beat Dublin in All-Ireland semifinal (Ireland)




    for any athlete or team that took part in the 2022 Winter Olympics or Paralympics


    #1: Brittany Bowe (US)
    #2: Sofia Goggia (Italy)
    #3: Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan)
    #4: Shaun White (US)
    #5: GB Mixed Curling team (GB)
    #6: Iivo Niskanen (Finland)


  5. On 8/27/2022 at 11:33 AM, TeamGB said:

    Hi,Thanks for inviting me to the club. I have been looking at totallympics for a while and chose to sign up today. I love watching any sports although my favourites are swimming and tennis.


    Whenever there is a multi sport event on I watch obsessively and I will sit in front of the TV from the very start to the end of the session. 

    My favourite athlete is Adam Peaty and my favourite event to watch at the olympics is the 100m Breaststroke. Outside of swimming my favourite event is archery.


    I look forward to contributing to topics and keeping track of lots of different sports in this club.

    :lol: :GBR

    Thank you for introducing yourself

    And welcome new member @Rafa Maciel

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