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    I like almost all sports, willing to watch and understand those I like less.
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  1. Netherlands No 15 (Kika van Es) plays for her team mate (Miedema) preventing with that foul (and yellow card) a 4th for Banda...
  2. Technically Banda could become this edition's topscorer if she scores 3 or 4 every match and all the stars and planets line perfectly.
  3. I am also sure but.... they don't need that much :D
  4. Netherlands are my favorite team, I'd like to see them get a medal but they should stop scoring tonight.
  5. Indeed, as Group B is not by far as strong as the others, any of the team there could feel "lucky" as everybody has the chance to progress to quarter-finals. But that's it, so everybody should try and capitalize on this situation. As for Romania, they have the youngest team there and lost some good players and good momentum after surprising at Youth Euro 2019. Some players were not let to go to Japan by their clubs (especially those playing abroad) or lost their "touch" due to injuries or not playing much since 2 years ago. However some of the players were part of this year Youth Euro in
  6. As a baseball noob I was surprised at first that I would see Israel as Europe's spot rather than let's say Netherlands. After checking the roster I understood why
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