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  1. Somehow think that Denmark will win all the 3 MS matches today and win in the SF to play in the finals. Denmark will surely win the Thomas Cup through all their MS players. Shesar Hiren Rustavito the Indonesia third MS had a very negative losing matches every time he played versus any Denmark MS players.
  2. Well I am very impressed with him too. I think it is best for Sogaard to just concentrate on playing MD matches only.
  3. Anyway credit must also be given to all the Indian players for giving their Denmark opponents a tough fight today. I just wonder had India MD 2 won their match just now would they have won their next MS 3 match? Well that is the question to ponder for now.
  4. The commentator for today confirms that Denmark is through to play in the semifinals. Gill Clark is indeed a very wonderful commentator. She is also very impressed with the great play of his newly formed Denmark MD pair. I had to agree with her. This new scratch pairing of this newly formed Denmark MD player should be retained.
  5. I somehow think that Denmark holds and edge to win this MD 2 match. This new Denmark MD really impressed me a lot and both played very well throughout the whole MD match. Well I think it is Denmark versus Indonesia rank no 1 in the semifinals tomorrow. I think Denmark has the edge to win the rank no 1 Indonesia tomorrow provided all their 3 MS players live up to expectations and win their all their MS matches.
  6. I am very impressed by this new scratch pairing of this new Denmark MD player. They look good.
  7. The other semifinal will be a tough fought match between Japan and China. Another semifinal match I think will be a tough fought match between Denmark and Indonesia rank no 1. Indonesia is rank no 1 and Japan is rank no 2.
  8. Watching the India versus Denmark match live. It is indeed such an exciting match. MS 1 - Denmark MD 1 - India MS 2 - Denmark Now we move on to the MD 2 match.
  9. Good to see you at the stadium watching live.
  10. So lucky of you to be able to watch it live at the stadium. I think Denmark should be able to win over India today through all their 3 MS players.
  11. In the end it is Japan who won over Korea 3-2. MS 1 - Korea MD 1 - Korea MS 2 - Japan MD 2 - Japan MS 3 - Japan So tomorrow it will be an exciting semifinals match between China and Japan.
  12. What a lopsided MS 2 and MS 3 match. Just wonder what had really happened to the Korean team. Gone were their powerful dominating MD players. Gone were their good MS players. Well Korea has fielded someone who has not played for 3 years to play as MS 2. True to it the commentator said Jeon Hyeok Jin is very rusty. Then this Korea MS 3 player Cho Gun Yeop looks worse as well. Looks like a very lopsided match that will favor Japan to win 3-2. What a wasted effort indeed. Heo Kwang Hee played so well to win over the rank no 1 MS Kento Momota. Then Choi / Seo played so well to win their MD 1 match. What a letdown indeed the Korea MS 2 and MS 3 players.
  13. Well Kanta Tsuneyama is lucky playing as Japan MS 2 because Jeon Hyeok Jin who is Korea MS 2 obviously look rusty. Even the commentator of the match said Jeon has stopped playing for 3 years. So where has he gone to for 3 years and why did he stop playing for 3 years will be a mystery for sure. Kanta Tsuneyama is the savior for Japanese team today. Yuta Watanabe is also too good for his opponent. So as of now It is tied at 2 all now. MS 1 - Korea MD 1 - Korea MS 2 - Japan MD 2 - Japan So who will win the MS 3? Who will hold their nerves better to win the last third deciding MS match?
  14. Yes Kento Momota I think is not yet back to his best. Somehow he has been really showing worrying signs of his decline.
  15. Yes I think you are right. Kento Momota also lose to Heo Kwang Hee in the Olympics too.
  16. Alright the tense result is out. China defeated Thailand 3-0 and advanced to play in the semifinals. The other side is the tough fought match between Japan and Korea. Korea won 2 points through their MS 1 and MD 1. Japan won the MS 2 match. Now the MD 2 is ongoing. I believe Japan will win the MD 2 match. Then it will come down to the exciting MS 3 match to determine the winner Wow never expect Korea to be able to give Japan such a tough fight. Heo Kwang Hee defeating Kento Momota is almost an unthinkable thing to happen.
  17. Thanks for telling me. Such a pity indeed.
  18. Yes I also realised that this is the problem with the Indian players. They tend to have a big lead only to squandered away their lead. The MD 2 had such a great lead in the first set but unfortunately they lost in the end.
  19. I think the Indian MD had done a good job. So impressed with Satwik / Chirag. Both are really good MD player. Somehow Sameer Verma should have won his MS 2 match just now. What a wasted chance I think. He is leading all the way in the third set and suddenly lose.
  20. Now the score becomes 3-1 with China already won over India. MS 1 - China MD 1 - India MS 2 - China MD 2 - China I was actually surprised to see China not bringing their best MD player Li Jun Hui / Liu Yu Chen to play here. Also China had also fielded scratch pairings for their MD and had eventually asked their XD player to play MD this time. Now we are left the with last MS 3 match. Whatever is the outcome of the MS 3 match China is already winner of the group. Anyway also congratulations to the Indian players who played so well and give China a tough fight. Anyway India has also qualified to play in the quarter finals as the runner up of the group.
  21. Now the score becomes 2-1 with China leading. MS 1 - China MD 1 - India MS 2 -China Just wonder what had happened to Li Jun Hui / Liu Yu Chen? Both of them are not playing it seems.
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