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  1. 8 hours ago, owenp_23 said:

    What a day! I enjoyed my first ever TOISC as a spectator and had a blast! From the waking up here in the States and catching up with the early results, following live in the afternoon and seeing :FRA get the win in the end. I hope to take part in future events, if possible.


    Congrats once again to @Bohemia and @Benolympique!

    Awesome. You can join me and @Olympian1010 for the next edition if you're interested

  2. Congrats to @Bohemia and @Benolympique on your win. Your song made it past my first round and then I kinda forgot about it afterwards.


    And look at that, we made it to 8th without winning a single medal. Unless that's a record, we would like to claim it. @Olympian1010


    And thanks to everyone who gave the US points:


    12 -- lol none

    11 -- lol none

    10 -- lol none

    9 -- :ROU:BUL:CRO:GER @IoNuTzZ @Federer91 @dcro @catgamer

    8 -- :POR:GRE @kungshamra71 @maestro @Makedonas @Yannakis

    7 -- :KAZ @Ruslan

    6 -- :EGY:ESP:MDA @thepharoah @Cobi @Ionoutz24

    5 -- :CZE:MLT:LTU @Hipooo @Glen @Werloc

    4 -- :GBR @Dragon @Quasit

    3 -- :ISR:CHN:NED @Dnl @Vic Liu @heywoodu

    2 -- :CHI:CAN:UKR @ManuCHIL @intoronto @Illya

    1 -- :FRA:VIE @Bohemia @Benolympique @dophuquy


    The theme was songs released between 2008-2010 so we made a list, then we shortlisted 3 of them, with Jordin winning it all. I came to know about Jordin during her American Idol days, so that was a factor (at least for me) in our decision


    I may have an idea for what we can send in 2023, but I probably won't make that list in haste until next year

  3. Just now, konig said:

    Not Argentina or you will destroy the order of the universe.

    I think you just won the lottery






    1st INDIA :IND 12
    3rd VENEZUELA :VEN 10
    4th CHILE :CHI  9
    5th ISRAEL :ISR 8
    6th ROMANIA :ROU 7
    7th SWEDEN :SWE 6
    8th TUNISIA :TUN 5
    9th FRANCE :FRA 4
    10th MEXICO :MEX 3
    11th SPAIN :ESP 2
    12th VIETNAM :VIE 1

    That's it, frens.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Wanderer said:

    I know, and I admire them for that! I believe it is very tempting though, it would have been for me. Sometimes it can also backfire to send very famous artists. GB won twice with fairly unknown artists (at least for me).

    I don't know. I think Matt and I are reading in too much on what works at TISC and what doesn't. Jordin Sparks is kinda mainstream, so something a little different from us.

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