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  1. The special thing is that the World Champions will probably not qualifiy for Paris 2024 as they are too far away in the individual discipline (at least Richard Zechmeister).
  2. Austria Archery: 1 quota Elisabeth Straka performed quite well at the last Europeans, finishing in fourth place. She is a candidate for Paris. Artistic swimming: 2 quotas The Alexandri sisters will qualify for sure Athletics: 7 quotas Discus thrower Lukas Weißhaidinger (bronze medalist 2021), Susanne Walli (400 metres), Ivona Dadic (heptathlon), Victoria Hudson (javelin) and maybe 2-3 others. Badminton: 1 quota Luka Wraber could go for his second Olympics. He is the only one with realistic chances. Basketball: 0 quotas impossible Basketball - 3x3: 0 quotas Both men and women have good results on the World Tour, but qualifying for Paris will still be tough. Beach Volleyball: 2 quotas After missing the Tokyo Games, there could be a male duo in Paris. Boxing: 1 quota Ahmed Hagag (superheavyweight) won Bronze at the Europeans this year. He could be the first Austrian boxer at the Olympics since 1988. Breaking: 0 quotas There is a breaking community in Austria, but I doubt that any athlete will qualify for Paris. Canoeing - Slalom: 3 quota There is a high chance, Austria will be represented in K1 (men and women) and C1 (women) Canoeing - Sprint: 3 quotas Timon Maurer (K1) and the women in K2 Cycling - BMX: 0 quotas impossible Cycling - Mountain Bike: 3 quotas Mona Mitterwallner and Laura Stigger (they also have medal chances) as well as one male athlete Cycling - Road: 5 quotas In Tokyo, 4 men were qualified, I expect this number for Paris again. One woman will qualify, but will it be Anna Kiesenhofer? Cycling - Track: 0 quotas Austrian doesn't even have a bike track any more... Diving: 1 quota Alexander Hart almost qualified for Tokyo, he will do it in 2024. Equestrian: 5 quotas A team could qualify in dressage, Max Kühner in show jumping and Lea Siegl in eventing Fencing: 0 quotas As the Austrian teams do not play any role internationally, it will be hard to achieve any quotas. Josef Mahringer (men's epee) ist one of the candidates for the zonal tournament in spring 2024. Field Hockey: 0 quotas The men's team will compete at the qualification tournament, but I they will probably not be able to secure a spot. Football: 0 quotas Impossible for the men, almost impossible for the women. Golf: 4 quotas 2 men (Straka and Schwab again?) and 2 women (Wolf, Schober and Spitz are the candidates) Gymnastics - Artistic: 2 quotas The teams have improved, they are qualified for the Worlds in October. Nevertheless, they are probably not good enough to make it to the Olympics. But one female athlete (all-around) and Vinzenz Höck (rings) could qualifiy. Gymnastics - Rhythmic: 0 quotas A quota would be a surprise. Gymnastics - Trampoline: 0 quotas Benny Wizani has chances, but is not among the favorites for a quota. Handball: 0 quotas Austrian teams regularly compete at major events, but are not among the Top 5 teams in Europe. Judo: 6 quotas In Tokyo we had 6 athletes, 2 of them won a medal. There will be a similar amount of athletes in Paris. Modern Pentathlon: 1 quota Gustav Gustenau is the only one who can do that. Rowing: 3 quotas Magdalena Lobnig (single sculls) and one double scull will qualify. Rugby sevens: 0 quotas impossible Sailing: 8 athletes Alina Kornelli and Valentin Bontus in Formula Kite, Lara Vadlau/Lukas Mähr (470), Tanja Frank/Lukas Haberl (Nacra17) and Benjamin Bildstein/David Hussl (49er) are the ones that can make it. Shooting: 3 quotas Sylvia Steiner (pistol) and Martin Strempfl (rifle) again; one more female athlete (rifle) Skateboarding: 0 quotas Julia Brückler will not qualify again Sport climbing: 3 quotas 1 male in speed (probably Tobias Plangger), 1 male in comined (Jakob Schubert), 1 female in combined (Jessica Pilz). Surfing: 0 quotas impossible Swimming: 8 athletes There were 7 Austrian swimmers in Tokyo, they are all on a good way. Table Tennis: 6 quotas I hope, men and women will qualify their teams. Taekwondo: 0 quotas Marlene Jahl has only a small chance. Tennis: 3 quotas 1 male will qualify in singles, also 1 male double. Triathlon: 4 quotas Same as in Tokyo Volleyball: 0 quotas impossible Water polo: 0 quotas Completely impossible Weightlifting: 2 quotas Sarah Fischer and Sargis Martirosijan Wrestling: 2 quotas Daniel Gastl and Martina Kuenz Prediction: 89 quotas => That would be 14 more than in Tokyo
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