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  1. Tandrevold is traveling home.. unfortunately
  2. > [hide] Knockout Round February 15th - February 20th, 2022 12 Nations, The Winners of the Playoff Matches will qualify for the Quarterfinals. The Winners of the Quarterfinals will qualify for the Semifinals. You can edit your post after the Playoff Matches are played. You can delete the teams that were eliminated in Playoffs in the prediction design for the Quarterfinals. Playoffs Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 15th 2022, h. 12:10 Slovakia 1 Germany February 15th 2022, h. 12:10 Denmark 2 Latvia February 15th 2022, h. 16:40 Czech Republic 2 Switzerland February 15th 2022, h. 21:10 Canada 6 China Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 16th 2022, h. 12:10 United States 3 Slovakia/ Germany February 16th 2022, h. 14:00 ROC 2 Denmark/ Latvia February 16th 2022, h. 16:40 Finland 3 Czech Republic/Switzerland February 16th 2022, h. 21:30 Sweden 1 Canada/ China [/hide] ---> PREDICTION DESIGN - STOP COPYING HERE
  3. Johaug might compete in the teamsprint according to the Norwegian coach. Interesting!
  4. Johaug did great, but the others… No chance for Norway in the team relay
  5. Krüger will travel to Beijing tomorrow, and might be ready for the team relay.
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