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  1. Today
  2. Indians in Action ATP Challenger Samarkand:- Sumit plays in SF BWF Slovenia International Open 2019 MS:- Sourabh wins the title WD:- Pooja/Sanjana looses in Finals ITF Tennis Uganda:- Anirudh/Niki play in Finals Singapore:- Abiqail/Rutuja looses in Finals
  3. Herein lies the difference, your 4th option guy scores a TD in a Conference final. It's more than Mariano Rivera as your closer
  4. He was definitely on fire tonight , i think overall he's making one of his best post season efforts even if it's the best already
  5. Well, Rockets are a better team than Blazers. Harden can still put 35 pts in a losing effort. Lillard went 5/18 tonight. That's a joke. He's not even a mega star in the league, more like a buzzer-beating highlight reel. Blazers scored 33 pts in the second half tonight. This is pathetic. Could be 4-0 sweep in both Conference finals.
  6. well that's why u have to give some credit for James Harden and CP that almost alone defeated GS in 2 matches with Durant playing and they were very close in another 3 matches for getting a victory still i'm not a big fan of Harden , but he's done a great year so far with the Rockets
  7. Can't expect Lillard & McCollum to outscore Curry & co. Warriors need like one good half and they can still win it. Blazers need A-level play for four quarters to even think about beating them.
  8. Scenario of WCF game 2 is being repeated again in Game 3 , Portland doesn't learn
  9. One of the users here is from the United States and had two flags, one from Israel and one from the US, as his profile picture. I support Palestine, I'm a fan of Iceland, Palestine is part of the Olympics, so this is just me showing support.
  10. As I don't see the place for it in ESC, I don't see it in sports, especially Olympic forum as well.
  11. I guess you will LOVE my new profile picture.
  12. Love this song. I remember I voted for her in a old thread about the best Eurovision songs?
  13. Yep, the American commentators called the wrong winner originally too. Great race from the Slovene to take the overall win today too.
  14. And another great song of 2016, this time not the second place, but the winner was 100% political. Another thing - since I've been following the contest (which is since about 2005) there is one country, which makes most of the songs totally in my taste, almost always high, very often top3 of my own classification. The only case of winning in my eyes and ears and in the contest itself. - I love your Eurovision music.
  15. Just noticed because of this post it was Cees Bol of all places who won Dutch Eurosport commentator said it was Walscheid during the sprint and after the sprint I turned it off
  16. I see Netherlands won. Good payback when they should have won but were robbed because of the Wurst craze.
  17. chrischi08 1. Tanel Kangert (15) - 15 2. Davide Cimolai (6) -21 3. Caleb Ewan (15) - 36 4. Matteo Moschetti (104) - 140 5. Elia Viviani (19) - 159 6. Diego Ulissi (30) - 189 7. Davide Formolo (3) - 192 8. Arnaud Demare (6) - 198 9. Primoz Roglic
  18. Yeah, one of my biggest disappointments were that no one bothered to at least implement that spinning platform, because that moment when they held hands before the final chorus looked pretty great. Now it was just them walking. Kinda felt this one on a personal level, as it was on the level of the extremely poor staging that I've had in this year's selection where I just walked around, because I got a 6 days notice that I'm performing in the first show that's airing January 5th, but is being filmed before Christmas
  19. Because of this post I googled Stefan Raab and realized Schlag den Raab has been off the air for a few years already apparently I believe I watched it live once and was looking forward to seeing it again, but I never did
  20. I hated our last place in 2015. I loved Ann-Sophie and Black Smoke and think it deserved much better. 2016 was fine, I guess. I would never have ranked it last and felt sorry for her, but I didn't much care for the song either. But after last years (IMO, well deserved) success, NDR did nothing this year. They had a lackluster national decision, did nothing to promote the song (not even in Germany) and just look at their stage presence tonight. Oh wait, you can't, there wasn't any. Heck, NDR put the official Video on YouTube last Monday, literally months after everyone else. Oh how I miss the days of Stefan Raab. He knew how to promote his artists and how to set them in scene. Every single of the 6 Raab-entries finished in the Top 10. Out of the non-Raab entries there were only two this century. Michelle and last year Michael Schulte.
  21. Unless they can somehow pull it off of Lena did in 2010, I always believed that she was the exception to the rule
  22. Well, having them qualify automatically is very counter-productive and also a reason why nobody from big 5 is winning the Eurovision anymore. THEY DON'T GET TO PERFORM IN THE SEMI-FINALS. They are shooting themselves in the foot hard with this one as they get the least exposure compared to other Eurovision artists.
  23. The whole thing with having pre-qualified countries (sure, apart from the host) is annoying.. I mean, I get it, they pay. But still.
  24. Yeah that was awful as well Going against everyone though and say I was happy to see San Marino scored relatively speaking very well in the televotes
  25. I'm honestly most sad for Czech Republic. Apart from Mikolas Josef, the televote is brutally murdering them every single year.
  26. And as always those that get punished in the end are the artists. To this day, I still can't understand the last place you got in 2016. One of the things that I dislike most about Eurovision is the attitude towards the Big 5, where only Italy gets praised and showered with love every year, while Germany, Spain and UK have an all-out brawl with the hosts for last place, combined with France somewhere in the middle.
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