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  1. Today
  2. Well, that’s me sorted for the next couple of hours. The 2019 European Tram Driver Championships from Brussels. Geez, not wanting to give away any spoilers, but if I ever go to Stockholm, I’m sticking to the bus. They must have a lot of amputees.
  3. And the full report:
  4. Welcome @Hayward! Don’t know if I’ve seen a Bermudan user on here before...Always nice to grow the Pan American membership of the forum.
  5. Thank you so much for your reply.
  6. We're having another virtual competition on a Dutch forum, this time based on allround speed skating: 500m, 3000m, 1500m, 5000m. We've got four days for every 'stage', the times are calculated to points based on the 500m like in speed skating. Today I'm going for the 500m, that is going to hurt like hell No idea what to really expect, since I don't usually do something like this, but based on some 250m intervals and fastest 1km times and so on I'm hoping for a time under 2:00.0
  7. until
    Modern Pentathlon UIPM GB Open Championships 2020 Bath (GBR) - 27 November 2020 - 28 November 2020 Discuss about this event
  8. until
    Modern Pentathlon UIPM International German Championships 2020 TBD (GER) - 24 October 2020 - 25 October 2020 Discuss about this event
  9. until
    Modern Pentathlon AMPC Asian Championships 2020 Mungyeong (KOR) - 23 October 2020 - 27 October 2020 Discuss about this event
  10. until
    Modern Pentathlon UIPM Under 17 & Under 19 Czech Open Championships 2020 Prague (CZE) - 24 August 2020 - 26 August 2020 Discuss about this event
  11. what is so significant and so special about year 2020? 1. It is the start of a new normal a new norm due to the virus. Virus spread to the whole world. 2. People aroudn the whole world must change their lifestyle and stay indoors to prevent being infected with the virus. 3. Wearing a face mask becomes mandatory. How long will this pandemic last? No one knows. All the past virus we had 2 - 3 years to go off. So how long will this pandemic last? No one knows. However it is surely not showing any signs of slowing. All the different countries around the whole world are badly affected by the virus.
  12. Ugh, I get to enjoy road rash for the next 2/3 days. I just wish people would clean up the streets and desert areas around here.
  13. Just finished watching the Valencia Tennis Challenge day 1 from this morning.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Absolutely. Presumably this is not going to involve much actual racing, but it's just a win-win: he gets a ton of extra money and has some high-level cyclists (at least for him) to train with in the summer, and Uno-X gets a whole lot more attention.
  16. Awesome to see a team decided to give him a chance
  17. Johannes Klæbo has joined Uno-X Development Team on a 5-year and apparently 2,5 million euro contract. Yes, that is the triple Olympic cross-country skiing champion
  18. but no Francesco Molinari... he decided to stay at home (he lives mainly in Great Britain) at least for now, claiming he has to stay with his family through this difficult period...
  19. once again, Korean KBO Baseball (Samsung Lions @ SK Wyverns) and German Football, 1.Bundesliga (Freiburg vs Borussia Moenchengladbach)...
  20. what a surprise! I didn't really expect that from her!
  21. Yes, they will be played starting in two weeks time. 7 rounds in a round-robin format for two groups (1-8, 9-16).
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