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  2. Those who fly high, fall deep is a well known phrase.
  3. Women's Individual Sabre (Moscow, RUS) Final Results Gold: Sofya Velikaya Silver: Shao Yaqi Bronze: Sofia Pozdniakova & Liza Pusztai Semifinals: Velikaya b. Pozdniakova 15-13 Shao b. Pusztai 15-9 Gold Medal Match: Velikaya b. Shao 15-8  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: Coming Soon...
  4. Čovek igra za svoju dušu, šta je tu loše? I mislim da nije baš ispravno reći 5 minuta, s obzirom da je 2 godine bio u top 10
  5. Steta za Janka, bio je blizu ALI ja stvarno ne znam zasto on jos uvek muci sebe.Imam utisak kao da hoce nekome da dokaze da jos moze da igra. A ja stvarno ne vidim poentu toga. On je stvarno lepo iskoristio svojih 5 minuta. Bio je u top 10 i moze se reci da je imao solidnu karijeru. Tako da je sada ovo totalno nepotrebno, ali ajde neka igra ako hoce.
  6. Today
  7. http://clasificacionolimpica2020.blogspot.com/search/label/Taekwondo Glasnovic jos unutra nakon SP Brecic i Kanaet prvi ispod crte ostale kategorije nije objavio jer nema Španjolaca, nadam se da hoće Jelic i Tomić bi trebali bit unutra trenutno
  8. Holy crap, Van der Poel pulling a 15 second gap to Schurter in a barely one minute climb
  9. Final results. Team eventing Poland 115.8 Belarus 1175.7 Russia 2065.1 Individual eventing Pawel Spisak (Banderas) - 26.8 (26.8+0.0+0.0) Michael Jung (fischerChipmunk FRH) - 33.2 (26.8+6.4+0.0) Jan Kaminski (Jard) - 39.4 (32.6+2.4+4.4) That's right, Spisak defeated Jung. Poland filled top 4 individual places, so nobody else will be getting significant individual points. Tough luck for Prihoda Jr., who could have won 98 points had he finished 4th... His 5th place will only get him 3 points...
  10. Paolo Torlonia is the biggest surprise of the week in the italian sport for me... I have no idea of who he is, I never read something about him, but he do a very nice result
  11. Poland back at Olympics in the team evening after 16 years of absence
  12. Spisak and Poland win. It will be the first Polish eventing team since 2004. Banderas is really becoming a complete horse. Show jumping used to be his weakness - not anymore.
  13. It's here. https://zawodykonne.com/zawody/tarantevents/tour/630/8200?type=lista
  14. 2019 Class IIHF Hall of Fame From left: Victor Alexandrov (son of Boris Alexandrov RIP) , Miroslav Šatan , Jorgen Jonsson , the Richard "Bibi" Torriani award honouring outstanding players from lesser-known hockey nations given to Konstantin Mihaylov , Hayley Wickenheiser and Žigmund Pálffy + in memoriam the Paul Loicq award for for exceptional service to international hockey given to Jim Johansson RIP
  15. Tipsarević Bog, opet peti set na grend slemu verovatno. Neverovatno koliko je čovek odigrao mečeva u pet setova u karijeri.
  16. [hide] Knockout RoundMay 10th - May 26th, 20198 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Bronze Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 26th 2019 15:45 local Time (GMT+3) Russia 1 Czech Gold Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 26th 2019 20:15 local Time (GMT+3) Canada 1 Finland [/hide]
  17. Unofficial results for the so important 14 EU Parliamentary seats our country has (13 actually, 1 should be added after the Brexit lol) but even there, still we managed to waste 2 seats ! (12 % of my countrymens ! 12 % ! I am really disgusted and ashamed...what a shame !!!)
  18. 2019 Pan American Cup, in Panama City. The Cpj has updated rankings as of the third tournament and results from yesterday on their Facebook page.
  19. 2019 World Cup, Stage #6 (Munich, GER) Women's 10m Air Rifle Gold: Apurvi Chandela Silver: Wang Luyao Bronze: Xu Hong Olympic Quota: Romania, Hungary
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