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  2. That's not possible, but you can use background color for the text, maybe that's better
  3. Indians in Action FIE World Championship 2019 Women's Sabre:- Bhavani Devi looses in R16 FINA World Championships 2019 50mBF:- Sailing ILCA Laser Radial World Championships 2019-After Rd3 Women:- Nethra in 70th place BWF Indonesia Open 2019 WS:- Sindhu plays in Finals Golf The Open championships 2019 - Final Rd 72 S Sharma ATP 250 Tour Newport:-Paes/Marcus looses in SF ATP Challenger Amersfoort:- Vijay/Vishnu looses in SF BWF JE Wilson International Series
  4. Not saying this makes it good, but at least when going here one can see only the results system instead of the needless overhead of the rest of the website: https://results.eyofbaku2019.com/#/schedule
  5. Have I missed 10 years and is it 2029 now, the next year (at least from my 2019 point of view) where 20 July is a Friday?
  6. Today
  7. what is with Maddison Kocian ? why she is not selected ? injured or retired ?
  8. Those aren’t really ISV colors. There colors are White, Yellow, Blue. Maybe I’ll just go to a darker blue, or black IDK
  9. Well a dark yellow would be perfect, but it doesn’t exist on here.
  10. for relay quotas, I decided to add 4 quotas per relay, and not to calculate the mixed relay what do you think?
  11. I don't find any sense with blue, I couldn't read it much either. Just bcoz India mdia has orange, white and green doesn't mean we'll use those colors. Black is preferable Or maybe red or dark blue. That's it.
  12. It's a full twisting double back. The most difficult skill on beam, but she's not the originator of the element, though. She's been training a double double since 2013, though. What I really wanted to see from her is a triple twisting yurchenko vault. Hong Un Jong attempted one at the 2016 Olympics but she fell short and lost the chance of earning a medal. Bummer. Biles should be able do it for someday..
  13. I assume you’ve seen her new beam dismount. I’m not a artistic Gymnastics expert, but it’s like to back handstands into like a double twisting double back or something.
  14. She's unbelievable. Her newest skill on floor is a triple twisting double back somersault. Needless to say, no woman has ever attempted this before and even among men this is a very rare and very difficult skill. It's like Biles is not even human. She's 20 or 30 years ahead of what we expect from women's gymnastics. No one can even compare.
  15. And while these awesome gymnasts are representing the , Simone Biles has up her difficulty and is preparing for worlds as well.
  16. I'm surprised. Hurd, McCustker and Wong are part of the A team. It never crossed my mind they would actually choose them for the Pan Ams! Finnegan is very young. This is probably her first major international event, so let's see what she does. Eaker is a very risky choice, either hit or miss. Beam finals will be exciting if she qualifies. I take back what I've written about the Canadians being able to beat this team. They won't. Team finals will be very predictable with the USA earning gold, Canada with silver and Brazil with the bronze medal. The only thing that matters now is how much Canada and Brazil can score. It will be a nice test before the World Championships.
  17. Quite happy for Hong Kong women for getting a quota. Very sad for Canadian men for failing, finishing in 13th. Our men's team is so weak now.
  18. team size @vinipereira Athletics 4 Swimming 1 Sailing 2
  19. Team 191 (breakdown by sport available at end of article): http://coe.org.ec/index.php/noticias/3482-team-ecuador-cifra-record-clasificados-juegos-panamericanos-lima-2019 @vinipereira
  20. Though she looses in R16 the comeback points to reach 14-14 should make her feel happy n confident. A good 2019-20 season should push her into confident Olympic spot and give boost to her career and Fencing in India.
  21. Thanks dear, Its such a happy moment to see someone rise after long struggle whom you had hopes pinned on.
  22. Their track cyclist has a small chance.
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