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  1. Today
  2. I can’t believe this country. We can’t even pass a anti-lynching bill in 2020.
  3. Did the man confront the police? Yes. Is there multiple other ways they could have handled this situation? Absolutely (a simple detainment comes to mind, or even a simple shove to the side while assisting the older man in moving). Should we hold these police accountable? Absolutely.
  4. Went ahead and made my first “big” purchase this afternoon. I feel like I paid more than the item was worth, but at least the athlete is getting the money. I’d also be curious as to what you guys think is the appropriate price for a gold medal from the Mediterranean Beach Games? This isn’t the item I purchased, but I have seen one for sale recently.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I think they’ve been writing that for a while now... If it took them this long to figure that out, I question their abilities as a diplomat.
  7. Hungarian media now reports (quoting minister of foreign affairs) that from tomorrow, border is open mutually between Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary for each other’s citizens, with no quarantine, no negative test requirement. Big if true (and hopefully it does not lead to more Covid)
  8. bmo

    Golf 2020 Discussion Thread

    PGA Tour returns in exactly 1 week!!!
  9. Yes, I also wanted to mention the latest statement of the WH spokeswoman: normally one reads such stuff on The Onion and similar satirical websites. But now this is the reality, FFS! During the last months of the Tsar’s rule in Russia, when Rasputin ran amok, the French ambassador wrote home to his superiors: “Unfortunately, I am now forced to conclude that the Russian Empire is presently governed by lunatics.” (qoute maybe not precise) Wonder if any diplomat now reports something similar home from Washington....
  10. The three key findings from an independent report into the IWF 1) IWF is monumentally corrupt. 2) Positive doping results covered up. 3) The sky is still blue.
  11. No, I don’t, but this feels like a case where everyone was pretty much complicit in the system (except maybe the smaller NFs). You are right that I shouldn’t accuse everyone of being guilty. This is just me being frustrated with the horrible state of governance in international sports.
  12. Plans to restart the NBA season at the end of July. Will depend on the basketball players’ Union being less stupid than the baseball one.
  13. Do you have proof? If not, you shouldn't speak whitout it.
  14. Summer Paralympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro (BRA) - 7 September 2016 - 18 September 2016 Official Website Programme Results System Results Database Facebook Page Discussion Thread
  15. Because Murica. Anyway, burning flags is childish. Crying about a burned flag is just as childish. People should grow up a little and not treat their flag as if it's their own child
  16. Really every country should be guilty here, but I do fear that we’ll see some actual East v. West bias play out here. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, but...
  17. The flag represents the nation and the people. If the people are upset with the nation, they have the right to show it. That’s my opinion on flag burning anyways.
  18. Don't need 120 pages to know that Bulgaria will be guilty by default there.
  19. That's not really just Americans (at least plenty of Danes have been pissed when somebody did so). The funny thing is, in most countries burning the flag is the only "allowed" way to destroy a flag.
  20. on the rise again, seems to be second country with the second wave beside Iran
  21. 3570 new cases today, more than any other day, all time high ! I won't be surprised if that reaches 4000 tomorrow or Saturday. no surprise at all, social distancing is dead and buried . COVID-19 is not on the headlines anymore, nobody cares and it seems almost everybody thinks this is over ! I'm very very disappointed in most of my friends, my relatives, even my own sister, most of them are highly educated but now I found out how irresponsible they are I had been mocked by some of them for being "sissy" (aka responsible) the death rate is still relatively low (what a shame to consider +50 deaths per day as low ) but we will see if that changes in a week or two with this new wave which is probably the second peak.
  22. tbh, I'm more disgusted by the fact that all the weightlifting world is still considered a sport and has full Olympic status than by the things revealed here (which were well known even without this report)... and if we have to consider the fact that Ajan was one of the founding members of WADA and the Cologne Laboratory history, how can we still trust this bunch of cheaters???
  23. 11 FACTS ABOUT RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN AMERICA And what you can do about it.
  24. You do not need to be a balck American to feel it and know that racism issues have been there in America for ages. This issue has been there long ago and it is still a very big issue in America. All the black people in America basically need to fight on to earn their equal rights.
  26. and one more return for the "unofficial" 2020 world champs Congrats Latvija ! Par Tevi ! Par Mani ! Par Latviju !
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