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Men's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

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5 hours ago, NaBUru38 said:

Meanwhile, the Men's Volleyball  Challenger Cup will be played on June 20-24.


The South American qualifier had just four teams: Chile, Perú, Paraguay and Bolivia.

So no Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador or Venezuela :(


The Asian qualifier had just three teams: Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Chinese Taipei.

So no India, Qatar, Indonesia, Phillipines, etc :(


Mexico won't play the Norceca qualifier.

And in European League we don't have Montenegro, Slovenia plays with their B-team, Belgium does not care... even here, in this competition more teams than usually don't treat the competition seriously :facepalm:Well, but that's what you get when you invent a stupid system that clearly favors certain teams at the expense of others, even making them not eligible for relegation.:dunno:


We had over 140 countries participate in the World Championship qualification, but clearly most of them doesn't want to waste their money ob this circus, and I can't blame them. In Asia, 20 teams participate in this year's Asian Cup and the new competition "challenge cup"(which is not even a important championship) but noone wants to play here :rolleyes:


Also, it's less than a month until the Challenger Cup should start and we don't know the African qualification system yet...

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I see Brazil and I think this is still 2009. Only Bernardinho and Sergio are missing.

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