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Karate Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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This is the list of remaining ranking events before the deadline, always possible for WKF to add more events or change something but it seems this is the final list.




Premiere League / 4-6 October / :RUS Moscow

Premiere League / 29 Nov - 1 Dec / :ESP Madrid



Serie A / 10-12 January / :CHI Santiago

Premiere League / 24-26 January / :FRA Paris

African Championship / 7-9 February / :MAR Tangier

Premiere League / 14-16 February / :UAE Dubai

Premiere League / 28 Feb - 1 Mar / :AUT Salzburg

Premiere League / 13-15 March / :MAR Rabat

European Championship / 25-29 March / :AZE Baku


* Other continental champs will be held after 6 April and won't affect the ranking.

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Qualified countries per new WKF Olympic ranking on 1 November










55kg:   :TUR:UKR:TPE:IRI  :BRA





Some major changes in continental qualifiers, and I'm sure we will see more in future. if it was today Thomas Scott could be the unluckiest ! he is 6th in the ranking (5th if we don't count Japan) and only 90pts behind Horuna of UKR, and despite winning the Pan-Am Games , still he can't qualify because first 2 continents will grab 2 available quota places in this weight. but still lots of things can change in future.

almost the same goes to Alipour from Iran at 61kg, she is 5th in WR but still can't grab the Asian quota. Grande (Peru) winning the American quota is almost a sure thing, so if Alipour can't get in to top 4, her only chance is one of those Egyptian girls surpassing Morocco in the ranking which is very possible.


and the European quota for women is also very close. Semeraro (ITA) and Plank (AUT) are both on 6th place, Italy has more points.

Kalnins of Latvia put himself in a good position to qualify, he is now better than Gurbanli (AZE) but he has to pray for Kvesic and Horuna to qualify directly.

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