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Sprint Canoeing Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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2 ore fa, JoshMartini007 ha scritto:

I disagree, it's quite common for athletes to compete in multiple events in canoeing. It would be like forcing athletes in athletics or swimming to compete in only one event.


I know that...and I don't like it...

actually, I'm against multiple starts also in any other sport (and yes, I didn't enjoy that much Ledecka's achievement in Pyeongchang, as it only shows how poor the level of those competitions is, also at the top -or, if you prefer, that there's no enough difference between her to sports to justify the presence of both at the Games)...

for instance, in Swimming 3 individual races + the relays would be a good compromise, in Athletics, no more than 2 + relays...

but this just my opinion...

what's really important, however, is to have simpler qualification rules in any sport to avoid "strange things" around the qualification process...and it's almost never the case, unfortunately...:facepalm:

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