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Best Sports Moments of Your Nation?

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5. 1995 Handball world championsip


The first title, the first world championship of many for the french handball NT, which was also the first world title for any team sport in our history. From Group C to world tittle in a decade. Quite the uprise :cool:. A bunch of complety over the top guys too. Long live Les Barjots




4. CSP Limoges' 1993 Euroleague


Just like the Handball's title, this one was also an historic win: The first french club to ever win the biggest european cup (just a few weeks before Marseille's one). And like pretty much everything else in our sport history, no one expected it.


Fred Forte (1970-2017) :(:(:(




3. 1991 Davis Cup victory


59 years after the last Davis Cup, France finally claimed back the title thanks to our wild card Henri Lecomte who decided to show up on the right day and a shacking Guy Forget scoring the last point against a young Sampras. Yannick Noah even managed in making us believe for a moment that Saga Africa was actually not a terrible mistake Chapeau.



2. France - New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 1999


To the kids around here, France as a rugby world beaters might sound like something from an uchronian steampunk novel. Yet, there was a time,.. Beeing beaten by the mighty All Black by 14 points and with 30 minutes to play or so. We said fuck it and decided to score 3 tries to win the game 43-31. According to some people, the game was called a "semi final". I've no idea what they're talking about 



1. France 98


Winning the World Cup on home soil for the first time ever ?  Nothing can beat that. Millions upon milions took up the streets in celebration.


Long live the 90's :cool:

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20 hours ago, LDOG said:

5. August 28th, 2004 - In the same day Argentina wins two gold medals in men's football and basketball and breaks a curse of 52 years without the argentine anthem being played at the OG.


4. Roland Garros 2004 - 3 out of 4 semifinalists were :ARG . Also it had dramatic final between Gaudio and Coria who didn't like each other that much. Gaudio winning was the ultimate underdog story since he was always seen as a guy that couldn't possibly win a major title, being a complete nutjob like he was.


3. Argentina-Brazil at football World Cup 1990 - Crazy epic victory over the neighbours with the team plagued with injuries and playing crap football. Resisted thousands of shots from the opponent for 80 minutes before Maradona placed a fantastic pass to score an unthinkable goal.


2. Argentina-USA at basketball world championship 2002 - The first loss of a USA team made up by NBA players (was holding a record of 55-0 since 1992). That was the day the whole world realised that they weren't invincible.


1. Argentina-England 1986 & world cup victory - Maradona's magnum opus, nothing else to explain.

Before the 1998 World Cup one of the TV stations in the UK held a vote on which was the greatest World Cup goal of all time,

In England Maradona's 2nd goal versus England won the vote.

In Scotland and Wales Maradona's 1st goal versus England won the vote :lol:

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