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Men's Baseball Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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16 ore fa, NaBUru38 ha scritto:

Exactly, that's why they should tour other countries. The Tokyo Dome or Foro Sol would sell out in minutes.


baseball is already a big thing (actually, the National sport) in Japan (and also in Korea and Chinese Taipei)...

and also for them, their own leagues and the North-American MLB are the most important thing, sometimes the only that really matters...

and in the other Central-American Countries (where Baseball is the main sport) we have the same situation: the MLB has basically all the attention of the media...

even here in Italy, we have quite a good number of games (drawing a reasonable attention) on our main pay-tv (Sky Italia) of the MLB, but no network following carefully our National league nor the National team games (normally we only have the final series of our league or the European Champs final, if we make it, on our tv networks)...

so, in the end, I don't see any chance for Baseball to change things in the future...especially because the main protagonists themselves are not interested in doing it...

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True about Japan. But Central America and the Caribbean would benefit a lot of having national teams play at home versus the United States and Japan.

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