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Shooting ISSF World Championships 2018

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Today's Results



Men's Individual Skeet

Gold: :USA Vincent Hancock

Silver: :NOR Erik Watndal

Bronze: :ITA Riccardo Filippelli

Olympic Quota: :USA United States, :NOR Norway, :ITA Italy & :FRA France


Men's Team Skeet

Gold: :FRA France

Silver: :ITA Italy

Bronze: :RUS Russia



Women's Junior Individual Skeet

Gold: :CHN Che Yufei

Silver: :CHN Song Zhengyi

Bronze: :USA Austen Jewell Smith


Women's Junior Team Skeet

Gold: :CHN China

Silver: :USA United States

Bronze: :RUS Russia



Men's Individual 300m 3-Position Rifle

Gold: :FIN Aleksi Leppa

Silver: :HUN Istvan Peni

Bronze: :SUI Gilles Vincent Dufaux


Men's Team 300m 3-Position Rifle

Gold: :AUT Austria

Silver: :SUI Switzerland

Bronze: :FRA France



Men's Individual 25m Standard Pistol

Gold: :UKR Pavlo Korostylov

Silver: :IND Gurpreet Singh

Bronze: :KOR Kim Jun Hong


Men's Team 25m Standard Pistol

Gold: :FRA France

Silver: :KOR South Korea

Bronze: :UKR Ukraine



Men's Junior Individual 25m Standard Pistol

Gold: :IND Vijayveer Sidhu

Silver: :KOR Lee Gun Hyeok

Bronze: :CHN Zhu Haojie


Men's Junior Team 25m Standard Pistol

Gold: :IND India

Silver: :KOR South Korea

Bronze: :CZE Czech Republic

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probably for the nth time on this forum ...... But this world championship has been WOOOOOOO for India  :cheer:


We ended this with 27 medals and this by far the best we have ever done ( India has won around 30 Medals all around in world championships till now )


and we have the best junior squad in the world :bowdown::bowdown: ..... I know we were narrowly beaten by china .......but many of our junior squad have already transitioned to our senior squad ( while chinas juniors stayed in the junior squad ) , if they had continued in the junior squad they would have beaten china comprehensively 

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