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[POLL] How were the Winter Olympic Games 2018 for you?

How were the Winter Olympic Games 2018 for you?  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. How were the Winter Olympic Games 2018 for you?

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From a german perspective the games were ok, although there were some bad surprises (womens giant slalom, womens skeleton, mens luge, biathlon relays) + a lot of injured athletes (Zimmermann, Zacher, Luitz, Neureuther) + not many positive surprises. The overall medal count was ok, most of the performances were as well.

From an international perspective i think that most results were pretty good and there were also some great surprises (Ledecka, curling). I didnt like the schedule (hard to get the "olympic fever", when you have to wake up at 2 am to watch one event (that then got postponed most of the time), then sleep 2 or 3 hours before watching another event, then sleep another 2 or 3 hours and then watching 10 things at the same time), i didnt like the fact that so many competitions got postponed or had unfair conditions and i was also sad for the athletes that we had so few spectators at many competitions and if we had huge crowds, they were often rather unfair. I doubt that many people will speak about those olympics in a positive way in a few years, there werent much memorable things, of course except for great surprises like the gold of Ledecka. I am not sure whether the olympics were a great advertisement for Korea ... ?

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il y a 11 minutes, OlympicsFan a déclaré:

You really liked Rio and Sochi much more. I think the last 3 olympics were pretty disappointing (at least for me), but maybe thats just because the first 3 olympics i really followed were Beijing, Vancouver and London and to me those 3 were really great. I am looking forward to Tokyo, i think those will be the best olympics since London 2012, especially because japanese people seem to be interested/knowledgeable in more sports than korean/brazilian people, at least in my opinion. Athletics, archery, gymnastics, swimming, judo, wrestling should all be amazing in 2020.


Only from a national perspective (french performances on the field and TV coverage here).


Overall, they were OK games, just like Rio (with very different issues though). Sochi was one step higher IMO (that if you don't take in consideration  the ridiculous high price tag attached to it)

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On 2/26/2018 at 17:53, OlympicsFan said:

What does that mean? "A country like South Korea" = not a winter sports powerhouse?

i meant S.Korea isn't a country with experience in big winter sports competitons hosting

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