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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

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Just now, Wanderer said:

Wow, I like Voce Nao Presta :d 


I've been listening to this song for months :d

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Now that we finally presented our logo, we have the honour of continuing another TISC tradition, unveiling the scoreboard that will be a fundamental part of our voting all day tomorrow.


Ladies and gentleman, the official scoreboard of TISC 2018!





 bra.png BRAZIL    rus.png RUSSIA  
 ger.png GERMANY    cro.png CROATIA  
 arg.png ARGENTINA    mda.png MOLDOVA  
 est.png ESTONIA    sui.png SWITZERLAND  
 ina.png INDONESIA    gbr.png GREAT BRITAIN  
 swe.png SWEDEN    aut.png AUSTRIA  
 ita.png ITALY    gre.png GREECE  
 iri.png IRAN    ven.png VENEZUELA  
 usa.png UNITED STATES    svk.png SLOVAKIA  
 ant.png ANTARCTICA    slo.png SLOVENIA  
 ind.png INDIA    den.png DENMARK  
 can.png CANADA    fra.png FRANCE  
 srb.png SERBIA    nor.png NORWAY  
 fin.png FINLAND    irl.png IRELAND  
 aze.png AZERBAIJAN    nzl.png NEW ZEALAND  
 alg.png ALGERIA    pol.png POLAND  
 por.png PORTUGAL    tun.png TUNISIA  
 mex.png MEXICO    rou.png ROMANIA  
 bul.png BULGARIA    kaz.png KAZAKHSTAN  
 col.png COLOMBIA    mlt.png MALTA  
 ltu.png LITHUANIA    ned.png NETHERLANDS  





 Brazil.png BRAZIL 12 U.png
 Brazil.png BRAZIL 11 D.png
 Brazil.png BRAZIL 10 S.png
 Brazil.png BRAZIL 9 D.png
 Brazil.png BRAZIL 8 U.png


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Wow, what a logo! Absolutely magnificent. Didn't know the bird is in danger of extinction. 


Great opening ceremony, Vini. A lot to learn :cheer:

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