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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

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Just now, Agger said:


That must be a misunderstanding. Those men had nothing to do with the committee. You must have been unlucky getting in the way of somebody else ...

So should I assume that was bestmen's men? :p Shouldn't they like be the best at what they do?

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Oh good, because I'll be done feeding my cat breakfast by then (7:36am Orlando/Daytona time)

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Hi guys! Unfortunately I had a crazy week at work (still having, to be honest), so I have to delay the Festival of Music for some hours, more precisely to tonight at 20h00 (Brasília time), because I'm still preparing some things. As usual, the Festival will stay on for days so you guys can post songs from nations that aren't participating at the contest this year.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I promise this won't happen at the weekend of the song contest - as I won't be working at my office on Saturday and have resquested to be free at Friday from my other job. Thank you all.


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As we continue our celebrations for the 10th edition of TISC, today we mark the continuation of a tradition that was with us right from the start. That tradition is the Festival of Music. Since the very first edition of our contest back in 2013, TISC has proudly showcased the music from nations who sadly are not with us in the contest. Originating as a "Wish You Were Here" idea, The Festival of Music was born and it flourished into what would soon become a staple part of any TISC edition. This wonderful Festival takes centre stage in the run up to our live shows and it is here where we get a chance to say hello to all the nations of the world of music.


Participating members have certainly embraced this Festival and it has provided us with a window to share in the music from the wider world. And, hopefully, one day some of the nations represented at the Festival of Music can someday be a part of our very own TISC celebration as participating members. Austria and Venezuela are two such graduates from the Festival of Music and we are delighted to welcome them into the TISC family for the very first time this year!


As usual, Totallympics members are free to participate in the Festival, choosing 1 or 2 (max.) nations that are not registered at the Annual contest. For each nation, the user must pick one song (preferably) released on or after January 1st, 2017, showcasing recent records that could have taken part at our contest this year. Festival of Music entries will be accepted until the next Saturday (April 21st). For the first time ever, a poll will be open to decide 3 best songs that will be honored at the festivities two weeks from now.


The table in the next post will be updated with the songs posted in the coming days - as hosts, Brazil picked its nations first :thumbup:


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Represented Nations

Users Songs
:AUS Australia
  • vinipereira

"My My My!"

Troye Sivan

:BEL Belgium
  • Werloc

"Million Eyes"

Loïc Nottet

:CHI Chile
  • vinipereira


Camila Gallardo

:COD DR Congo
  • Wanderer



:CYP Cyprus
  • rybak

"Afto Ton Kero"

Ivi Adamou

:CZE Czech Republic
  • hckosice



:ISL Iceland
  • Glen

"The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World"

Steindi Jr

:JAM Jamaica
  • mrv86


Skip Marley

:LAT Latvia
  • carivan


Carnival Youth

:LIE Liechtenstein
  • dcro

"Pay Day"

NazB, Al Walser

:MKD Macedonia
  • rybak



:MGL Mongolia
  • Griff88

"Huh Shorgooljnii Domog"


:MNE Montenegro
  • DaniSRB

"Istine i laži"


:NCA Nicaragua
  • konig

"Rompamos el Hielo"

Israel Lanuza

:NGR Nigeria
  • IoNuTzZ



:PRK North Korea
  • Griff88


Ri Kyong Suk

:PHI Philippines
  • OlympicIRL

"Maybe the Night"

Ben & Ben

:PUR Puerto Rico
  • konig


Becky G, Bad Bunny

:VIN St. Vincent and the Gren.
  • dcro

"Slow Motion"

Kevin Lyttle

:SGP Singapore
  • carivan


Jasmine Sokko

:RSA South Africa
  • OlympicIRL

"Sunday Blues"

Langa Mavuso

:ESP Spain
  • mrv86

"No Vaya a Ser"

Pablo Alborán

:SWZ Swaziland
  • Wanderer

"Love Me"

Tendaness, Velemseni, Bholoja


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In 10 editions of the Totallympics International Song Contest (Annual or Open editions), more than 50 nations across all continents have participated at least 1 time. This year, we have broken the record of most nations participating in the annual edition of the contest with 41 countries represented. Even so, we're missing some nations that have entered songs before, often a long time ago. Here, we honour them, hoping that some of these can be remembered in the Festival of Music - and maybe make a comeback to the competition in future contests.




























































































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For those interested in participating in the Festival of Music: even if you don't know the song yet, your can already pick 1 or 2 nations and post the songs later - please notice it that I already have chosen Australia and Chile :d


On a side note, I want to thank @OlympicIRL for writing most of the opening post, and @dcro for the always great statistics (hope I didn't get anything wrong).


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