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[PREDICTION CONTEST] PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Bet Contest

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Sporting Rivalries and Medals (15)


1- On Day 1, the first 5 Gold Medals will be awarded to athletes from 5 different countries. [NO - 10]


2- At least 27 countries will win a Medal, surpassing the Sochi 2014 Games' total. [YES - 10]


3- At least 2 events will not result in the common 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Medal Podium finish. [YES - 10]


4- South Korea will finish in the top five on the medal table. [NO - 10]


5- Canada will finish ahead of the USA in the medal table. [YES - 10]


6- By total medals won, Norway & Germany will win more than Canada & the United States, who in turn will win more than Japan & South Korea. [NO - 10]


7- At least one nation will win their first ever Gold Medal at a Winter Olympics. [NO - 5]


8- Excluding DNFs, at least one irish athlete will finish ahead of a briton. [NO - 1]


9- A nation will win six or more medals without winning gold. [YES - 10]


10- Austria will finish ahead of Switzerland in the medal table. [NO - 10]


11- We will have at least 5 Gold Medal winners being less than 18 years young on that given day. [NO - 10]


12- At least 3 Torino 2006 medalists will win a Medal in PyeongChang. [YES - 8]


13- At least one medal event will be postponed to another day. [YES - 7]


14- More women than men will win medals for the nation that will rank 1st on the medal table. [YES - 10]


15- At least 3 nations will win 10 or more gold medals. [YES - 10]



Alpine Skiing (5)


16- Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) will win at least 3 Gold Medals. [NO - 1]


17- Norway will win the most medals on the Men's side. [YES - 1]


18- At least 33% of the starters in Men's Slalom will not reach the finish on the first run. [NO - 8]


19- Naoki Yuasa (JPN) will finish both legs in the Men's Slalom. [YES - 1]


20- The podium of at least one event will feature only countries associated with the Alpine Region (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and/or Switzerland). [YES - 5]



Biathlon (5)


21- Johannes Thingnes Boe (NOR) will win more medals than Martin Fourcade (FRA) during the whole 2018 Winter Olympics.[YES - 1]


22- Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK) will win her third olympic Sprint title in a row. [NO - 1]


23- An athlete who finished 21st or worst in the Sprint will win a Pursuit medal. [NO - 5]


24- There will be a Gold Medalist in the individual races with 1 or more misses on the shooting range. [YES - 5]


25- The Ukrainian team will win more total medals than Italy. [NO - 1]



Bobsleigh (2)


26- Germany will win at least 6 medals between all events. [NO - 5]


27- Humphries (CAN) will win her third gold medal in two-women's bobsleigh. [YES - 1]



Cross-country Skiing (5)


28- On the Women's side, all 6 Gold Medals will go to Norway. [NO - 7]


29- Overall, medals will not go to more than 6 nations. [NO - 5]


30- Swiss athletes will win more total medals than Olympic Athletes from Russia. [NO - 1]


31- The Men's Sprint will see a medalist who finished 21st-30th in the Qualification. [NO - 2]


32- The athlete leading the Men's Skiathlon at half-point will eventually win it. [NO - 1]



Curling (3)


33- Canada will defend its Gold Medals in both the Men's and Women's events. [YES - 6]


34- A team from Asia will medal in any Curling event. [NO - 3]


35- The italian men's team will win at least 2 games. [YES - 4]



Figure Skating (3)


36- The north korean pair will finish ahead of their south korean counterpart. [NO - 2]


37- Spain will win its first ever medal in Figure Skating. [YES - 1]


38- No nation will win medals in both Men's and Women's Singles. [NO - 2]



Freestyle Skiing (5)


39- Devin Logan (USA) will win both the Women's Slopestyle and the Women's Halfpipe. [NO - 1]


40- Dominique Ohaco (CHI) will achieve Chile's best ever Winter Olympic result - bettering 11th place in Men's Alpine Combined from 1998. [YES - 1]


41- Sweden will be represented in the Women's Ski Cross Final by at least 2 athletes. [YES - 1]


42- No athlete who was victorious at the 2018 Winter X Games will win a Gold Medal in Pyeongchang. [NO - 1]


43- South Korea will win at least 1 medal, while Australia will win at least 3. [NO - 1]



Ice Hockey (5)


44- A team from Group B will defeat a team from Group A in the Quarterfinals of the Women's Tournament. [YES - 8]


45- At least one match in the Men's Tournament will finish scoreless in regular time (60 Minutes). [YES - 3]


46- The Women's Unified Korean Team will win a match. [NO - 1]


47- Russia will win the Gold Medal in the Men's Tournament. [NO - 1]


48- Sweden will finish ahead of Finland in the Men's Tournament. [YES - 1]



Luge (2)


49- Germany will win all 4 Gold Medals. [NO - 1]


50- In at least one event the eventual winner won't be in first place after the first run. [YES - 1]



Nordic Combined (2)


51- In both Individual events, the first-placed Athlete(s) after Ski Jumping will not win a Medal. [NO - 1]


52- Germany will sweep (win Gold, Silver and Bronze) at least one of the individual events. [NO - 1] 



Skeleton (2)


53- The margin of the Men's and Women's winners to the Silver Medalists combined will add up to at least 1 second. [NO - 1]


54- South Korea will win its first ever Gold Medal in Skeleton. [NO - 1]



Ski Jumping (3)


55- Poland will win at least one gold medal. [YES - 1]


56- At least two athletes will win medals in both men's individual events. [YES - 1]


57- The podium in the Women's Normal Hill will feature at least 2 of the following athletes: Katharina Althaus (GER), Sara Takanashi (JPN), Maren Lundby (NOR). [YES - 1]



Short Track Speed Skating (3)


58- In all individual events, at least 3 participants will be relegated or disqualified in the A-Finals. [NO - 1]


59- South Korea will win all 8 Gold Medals. [NO - 8]


60- Two different athletes will win a medal for Hungary. [NO - 1]



Snowboarding (5)


61- Czech Republic will win at least one Gold Medal. [YES - 1]


62- There will be an athlete who will win at least 2 Gold Medals. [YES - 1]


63- The winner in the Men's Halfpipe will receive a higher score than the winner of the same event at the 2014 Winter Olympics (higher than 94,75). [YES - 1]


64- Both Snowboard Cross events (Men + Women) will be won by european athletes. [NO - 3]


65- In his sixth consecutive Winter Olympics, Jasey-Jay Anderson (CAN) will win a Medal. [NO - 1]



Speed Skating (5)


66- There will be a clean sweep (to win Gold, Silver and Bronze) by the dutch in at least one event. [NO - 1]


67- At least 5 men will clock under 13 minutes in the Men's 10,000m. [NO - 1]


68- The Bronze Medal winning team in any Team Pursuit will clock a faster time than either of the Finalists. [NO - 1]


69- Four continents will win a medal. [NO - 1]


70- At least 2 athletes will win 2 or more individual Gold Medals. [NO - 1]


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On 01/02/2018 at 20:15, LDOG said:

You have a total of 250 points to distribute for all 70 bets. You don't have to use all 250 points if you don't want to, but you can't go above 250 for all 70 bets.


You MUST hide your post. To do that, you have only to delete the space between the bracket "[" and the text "hide" in "[ hide]" at the beginning of prediction post. Do the same at the end of prediction post with "[ /hide]" too.

  Start Copying Here


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