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[PREDICTION CONTESTS] PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Bet Contest Discussion Thread

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9th place is bittersweet. I felt like I missed a lot of points, so finishing that high with couple of big misses is unfortunate.


Also, I thought there were negative points, so not wanting to take a full risk I used only some 240-245 pts. :p

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Congrats to all the medallists.

I am very sad about this result, i think this was the most important contest and i had the perfect strategy, i just picked the wrong questions to bet 10 points on.

I was sure about the following bet, but ironically Germany messed it up for me:

1- On Day 1, the first 5 Gold Medals will be awarded to athletes from 5 different countries. [YES - 10]

The following bet was just stupid, dont know why i was so sure that the US would be better than Canada, probably because i thought that Shiffrin would win 3 golds:

5- Canada will finish ahead of the USA in the medal table. [NO - 10]

Same as for question number 5, Switzerland had some surprising gold medallists and Austria was rather disappointing in some events (alpine skiing team event, mens slalom, snowboard slopestyle, freestyle skiing):

10- Austria will finish ahead of Switzerland in the medal table. [YES - 10]

I was rather sure that Canada would win mens and womens curling gold, maybe some expert could tell me whether it was a stupid bet or not?

33- Canada will defend its Gold Medals in both the Men's and Women's events. [YES - 10]

Another bet that Germany messed up for me, although i still feel good about taking this risk, given the results of this season:

52- Germany will sweep (win Gold, Silver and Bronze) at least one of the individual events. [NO - 10] 


I thought about giving 10 points to the following questions, sadly i didnt ...

8- Excluding DNFs, at least one irish athlete will finish ahead of a briton. [YES - 1]

20- The podium of at least one event will feature only countries associated with the Alpine Region (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and/or Switzerland). [YES - 1]

37- Spain will win its first ever medal in Figure Skating. [YES - 1]

44- A team from Group B will defeat a team from Group A in the Quarterfinals of the Women's Tournament. [NO - 1]

57- The podium in the Women's Normal Hill will feature at least 2 of the following athletes: Katharina Althaus (GER), Sara Takanashi (JPN), Maren Lundby (NOR). [YES - 1]

58- In all individual events, at least 3 participants will be relegated or disqualified in the A-Finals. [YES - 1]

61- Czech Republic will win at least one Gold Medal. [YES - 1]

69- Four continents will win a medal. [NO - 1]

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Great Italian team and then we know where Dunadan was focusing :)


Thanks Ldog and quasit for the constest, it was my first time with this kind of contest but it was very enjoying even if I didn't go well.

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at least this one saved my day (and pride)...:lol:

because in the other "classic" prediction contest I have to admit I feel ashamed of how much I did suck...:facepalm:


in any case, thanks to all the guys who spent their time to let us have fun with all these contests...

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Congratulations at medallists and :ITA team !!!!


Thanks at the managers LDOG and Quasit for this contest.

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Why the right answer was calculated as YES+NO in the 58 question in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Bet Contest?

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