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Men's Volleyball CEV Under 18 European Championship 2018

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15:00 :GRE Greece - :BUL Bulgaria 
17:30 :CZE Czech Republic - :BLR Belarus
20:00:TUR Turkey  - :GER Germany




LIVE STREAMING:  http://www.laola1.tv/en-int/livestream/volleyball-cev-u18-europameisterschaft-maenner-svk-2018-04-09-len


15:00:RUS Russia -:FRA France

17:30 :SVK Slovakia - :UKR Ukraine 

20:00 :BEL Belgium -: :ITA Italy


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Again a 3-0 for our guys :clap: 

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:GRE Greece 2-3 :BUL Bulgaria 

(25-22 / 19-25 /24-26 / 25-22 / 13-15)
:CZE Czech Republic 3-2 :BLR Belarus

(22-25 / 25-21 / 25-20 / 16-25 / 18-16) 
:TUR Turkey  2-3 :GER Germany

(17-25 / 22-25 / 25-17 / 25-19 / 16-18)



:RUS Russia 3-0 ::FRA France

(25-19 / 25-15 / 25-20)

 :SVK Slovakia 2-3 :UKR Ukraine 

(16-25 / 26-28 / 25-20 / 27-25 / 11-15)

 :BEL Belgium 0-3 :ITA Italy

(18-25 / 23-25 /18-25)

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Russia and Ukraine grab wins in Puchov as #EuroVolleyU18M progresses, Italy remain unbeaten 



Púchov, Slovakia, April 9, 2018. Russia opened the third day of action in Pool II of the #EuroVolleyU18M with a victory in straight sets (3-0) against France, Ukraine upset the local heroes from Slovakia to claim their first win (3-2), before Italy cruised past Belgium (3-0) in a repeat of the 2017 U17 European Championship gold medal match. 

Live streaming of all matches is available here.

Russia vs. France 3-0 (25-19, 25-15, 25-20)

Russia showed their best performance in their third pool match, as they dominated in block, serves and attacks and collected point after point. The first part of the opening set was close, but the third one was the tightest as France managed to improve their game, especially in defense, minimized the errors and was in the lead 18-16. But Russia levelled the score to 18 thanks to the block of Stanislav Antonov. The late stages of the match were under the control of the Russians, who won the last set 25-20 and claimed their second victory in Puchov.

Omar Kurbanov has been leading the statistics board for his team in Púchov and he tallied up another 18 points in this game: "It was a very important match for us, because yesterday we lost. France was strong, but we showed a very good performance in attack and block. We enjoyed today's game and we are happy with the three points."
Coach Fabien Roy from team France knew, why his team could not succeed: "The problem was confidence today. It was 10-10, 20-20 and then we could not finish the set. The Russian team is strong, but now we have to make a good training during the free day tomorrow and prepare well for the matchup with Ukraine."

Slovakia vs. Ukraine 2-3 (16-25, 26-28, 25-20, 27-25, 11-15)

The first set was under the control of the Ukrainians, as the hosts made a lot of mistakes and their opponents capitalised on these. Ukraine rushed to a 10-3 lead in the second set, but Slovakia improved their attack, minimised errors and Michal Zeman leveled the score to 12-12 with a block. There was a battle for every point later in the set, in the final moments Slovakia came back from 21-23, but Ukraine finally won 28-26.  Slovakia was better in the third set, leading from the start to finish and could celebrate winning their first set in the championship. Slovakia came back from a 15-18 deficit in the fourth set and won 27-25 in dramatic fashion, but Ukraine finally won the last set 15-11 and celebrated their first victory in Puchov.
The coach of the local team Erik Gabor shared: "It was an important game for us, because a victory could have kept us in contention for a spot to qualify to Zlín. We had problems in reception in the first set, I made some changes in the lineup and we managed to improve our game. The third and fourth sets were good from our side, but Ukraine has more experience from tough matches and they used it in the tiebreak."
Sergiy Skrypka, coach of Ukraine, was strict even after the win: "I am satisfied with the result, but not with our performance. In the second half of the match, we made a lot of mistakes and the Slovak team used that to their advantage. On this level it is always like this. We have to make less own mistakes in the next matches."

Belgium vs. Italy 0-3 (18-25, 23-25, 18-25)

The last Monday match in Púchov was a battle of two undefeated teams in Pool II. The start of the game was very tight up until the second technical timeout (16-14 for Italy), after that the Italians dominated mainly in their attacks and took the first set home. The match remained dramatic in the second set, as Belgium was back in the game, leading at the second technical time-out 16-14, but Italy managed a comeback, as the Belgians lost their luck by the end of the set. The Italians started pushing their game from the very beginning of the third and thus won in straight sets.
Mieke Moyaert, who is the only female head coach at the final stage of the #EuroVolleyU18M had to admit: "Today we did not put any pressure. When we had chances, we did not make points. Maybe we deserved to win the second set. Now the match finished and we have one day to clean our heads, have a good training and continue with our game."
Italian setter Paolo Porro also stressed that the team is looking forward to the rest day tomorrow: "We are happy that we beat a strong team like Belgium is, but every game is important for us. Our goal is to win all matches here. We played very well, we were concentrated and we put them under pressure."
The games will resume on Wednesday with the pool play and reach the climax in Zlin, Czech Republic, where the eventual champions will be crowned on April 15.

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Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Germany seize victories in 5 set games in Pool I of #EuroVolleyU18M 



Zlín, Czech Republic, April 9, 2018. All games on the third competition day of the #EuroVolleyU18M in Zlin were played in five sets as Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Germany seized victories over Greece, Belarus and Turkey respectively. Germany have a perfect record of three wins in as many matches - the only side to have achieved this feat in Pool I. 

Live streaming of all matches is available here.

Bulgaria vs. Greece 3-2 (22-25, 25-19, 26-24, 22-25, 15-13)

As both teams of Pool I won their games yesterday, they wanted to keep the winning streak alive. Bulgaria looked better in the first set, but Greece managed an upset as they took the lead after 20-20 and later won 25-22. For the upcoming sets, the team, who managed to take the lead early in the set, were victorious. The tiebreaker, however, was the set of emotions and unforced errors, in which Bulgaria was more successful.

Bulgarian libero Simeon Dobrev, who seems to be the keeper of the team spirit, shared: "It was a really hard match, but the European Championship for us has only started. We will play better, in my opinion, in next matches. Our goal is to play in the finals and definitely to have medal, so we need to be confident."

After the game the coach of the Greeks Stefanos Nanas admitted: "It was very important for us to look into the eyes of our opponent. That was our first step. In the end of the third and fifth sets we did mistakes and that is not the way, how we can play against Bulgaria. But to play a tiebreak with a country, which has so many players on the World volleyball scene, is a good thing. We took one point and we will see chat will happen against Germany and Belarus."

Belarus vs. Czech Republic 2-3 (25-22, 21-25, 20-25, 25-16, 16-18)

Since Czech Republic is the 2017 CEV U19 European champion, there is an obvious pressure on the local team here in Zlín to continue the legacy, as the age groups were shifted and from this year on, boys will compete for the U18 title instead of U19. In this game their opponents were the Belarussians, who have been bold about their high ambitions in this championship, but still haven't recorded any wins. In result the statistics for this game are rather peculiar, with one team showing clear dominance in the first three sets. Team Belarus managed to change the course of the fourth set in their favour and move the game into a tiebreak. The final set kept the spectators on their feet, as the rallies were really intense, the support helped the Czechs take the set and game after two unsuccessful match balls for Belarus.

Anton Sushynski, the setter and captain of Belarus played a key role in the events late in the fourth set: "Both teams do not have a lot of experience. We fought until the end, but Czech Republic had more chances."

Head coach of the Czechs Jiří Zach: "We started really badly. All the teams play against us better, because of  the crowd and the atmosphere here. In the fourth set we were up 9-6 and afterwards number 14 (Yauheni Hretski) served well and we could not get out of this situation. Suddenly we got scared, but they started to defend very well. The fifth set was more like a fight of who will be more patient and lucky. This match keeps us in the fight for a position among the top four of this tournament."

Turkey vs. Germany 2-3 (17-25, 22-25, 25-17, 25-19, 16-18)

The final match of the day followed the Pool I traditions and was a display of fine volleyball in five sets. From the first points the teams took care of good team spirit, support from the bench and were selfless by running into the advertisement banners to save the balls whenever needed. The first set passed as Germany desired, in the second both teams took turns in leading, but Germany proved to be successful once again. In the following sets Turkey managed to mobilise their strengths and bring the game into a tiebreak. The fifth set was a tight one and eventually the team that could keep their head cool won.

Hüseyin Düzceler, coach of Turkey, could see the silver lining after the loss: "This game was very important to us and I am really sorry that we lost. But the tiebreak is nothing bad, we still won one point. I hope that we win the next two games taking three points and this point will be important too in the end."

His colleague from Germany Matus Kalny: "This match had two parts. Until 2-0 we played very well, our volleyball, but afterwards we stopped to serve properly and our opponent used it against us. When they receive, they have very good attack. In the fifth set we came back to our game and started to serve well again. We were luckier as both teams had match balls."

The games will resume on Wednesday with the pool play and reach the climax on April 15 when the eventual champions will be crowned in Zlin.

Tickets to attend the matches of #EuroVolleyU18M in Zlin are available on Ticketportal. The price for a daily ticket in the pool stage stands at 50 CZK, while tickets for the semi-finals and medal matches cost 100 CZK (approximately € 2 and 4, respectively). The price for a ticket valid for the whole tournament is 300 CZK (about € 12). Children and teenagers until 16 years of age enjoy free entrance to the tournament. Tickets are available for purchase here.

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  Country PTS SETS
1 :GER GERMANY 8 9:3
4 :TUR TURKEY 4 6:7
5 :GRE GREECE  4 5:7
6 :BLR BELARUS 1 4:9





  Country Points Sets
1. :ITA ITALY 9 9:1


6 7:3
3: :BEL BELGIUM  6 6:4
4 :FRA FRANCE 3 4:6
5. :UKR UKRAINE 2 3:8
6. :SVK SLOVAKIA 1 2:9


Overall TOP 6 TEAMS Qualify to U19 World Championship 2019

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LIVE STREAMING: https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/livestream/volleyball-cev-u18-europameisterschaft-maenner-cr-2018-04-011-len



15:00 :BLR Belarus   - :BUL Bulgaria 
17:30 :CZE Czech Republic -:TUR Turkey
20:00 :GRE Greece - :GER Germany




LIVE STREAMING:  https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/livestream/volleyball-cev-u18-europameisterschaft-maenner-svk-2018-04-11-len


15:00:RUS Russia - :UKR Ukraine 

17:30 :SVK Slovakia -:BEL Belgium 

20:00  :FRA France -: :ITA Italy

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the top 6 nations qualify to 2019 FIVB U19 Men's World Championship












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