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Beach Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

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4 horas atrás, Monzanator disse:


Excuse me but some sports can't be played outdoors during the entire calendar year in every corner of the globe. I'm sure there's no need to play beach volleyball indoors in Brazil but majority of the world doesn't have that luxury. Hence it's not really a farce.

You realize outdoor winter sports cannot be played at all in tropical nations, still there's a whole Olympic event around them, don't you?

As absurd as it may seem for some people, it kind of makes sense to me to have indoor Olympics and outdoor Olympics. Ice skating needs an indoor facility built only for the purpose of competing this sport. It's not like you can go outside to a frozen lake and expect people to compete at the Olympics there.

Now we have even snow volleyball, ffs! Winter sports get weirder and weirder to me, and if we have beach volleyball in summer and snow volleyball in winter, where does indoor volleyball fit?

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