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Women's Football FIFA World Cup 2019

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I think it’s time to do some change in the coaching staff. If heads don’t roll after this I will be extremely disappointed. This was a disastrous tournaments, scoring four goals in four matches when you got to play Cameroon and New Zealand, really?


Time to rebuild, and not around Sinclair.

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Nobody builds around 38yo anymore, Sinclair was totally ghosted in this game. I understand she's two goals away from Wambach's record but it was a joke. I bet 3/4 of other teams would have played Huitema to elbow the notorious Swedish defenders around. Sinclair was unable to do anything physically. I learn Lindahl saved Sinclair's PK in Algarve Cup but c'mon, you're the leader and you're scared to take responsibility? That's weak. The 18yo full-back brought some pace but why in the 84th minute? It should have happened at least right after the missed penalty when you had to chase the score anyway. Sweden rested 4 players for the USA game, Canada only rested Prince for the Dutch game and she was the first one taken off tonight anyway. Why don't rest Sinclair for the Dutch game in first place? It was a stretch they would beat them in first place. Not to mention Canada played like the whole tournament with the same 11 + 3 subs plus Huitema getting the rare start vs Netherlands. It's all way too puzzling for me.

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