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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2017

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1 hour ago, Werloc said:

Honestly, I would like to bring up the topic of the disqualification of bestmen from future contests. Not only has there been visual proof of him "not caring" about the contests and giving hell to the prior three hosts of TISC. He blatantly wrote a few messages above that he also cheats in his voting. This is inexcusable and I don't know how many more times are we planning to let this slide just because he can make GIF's.


It seriously needs to be considered and I just want to let you know that I am considering it. His votes could end up deciding the winner and when he doesn't care and makes a mockery of his votes then I just don't think we can go ahead with keeping him here. All integrity will be lost.


I know people see me as a manager of the contests and in ways I am but I don't want to have to enforce things like this.... firstly it is not my job to sanction users! Users who do nothing but bring a mess to this forum should be given chances and if they don't rethink their behaviour then it should be said that this forum is not for them. But like i said, this is not my job. Why should it be left to me to enforce this? I am tired of users getting away with causing mayhem on this forum and with no consequence to them, only consequences to the people who are here trying to communicate with people and to have fun in doing so.


I am sorry if this seems like a rant but well, it is. This is what happens when things go unchecked for so long.


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