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Athletics IAAF Under 18 World Championships 2017

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4 hours ago, OlympicsFan said:

You are talking about Jackline Wambui ... ?


I understand that it would make sense to have only continental u18 championships, that way age cheats can compete againt each other, while real kids can compete against other real kids, but ... wouldnt that mean that U20 world championships also have to go, as well as youth olympics (in athletics)?


sure, but not only her...I mean, in that race both Kenian girls to me looked more like boys (and I'm not making any stupid irony about them being beautiful or not...I really see their somatic traits/facial features more as male ones rather than female)...


for what concerns the age of the boys/girls...well, we all know that many 3rd world countries do not have proper registration of births (and we also know that many of those countries use that thing to their advantage in many sport events)...so, I guess it's a very complicated question...

I don't think that all youth competitions should be cancelled, but probably they should get less consideration and they shouldn't cost nor generate so much money and interest in the media...

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