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Summer Universiade 2017

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With victory against USA in basketball and third gold medal Lithuania finished in 2017 Universiade. 3 golds, 1 silver, 3 bronze. Currently one of the worst performances for Lithuania (f.e.: 2011 - 5G5S3B;  2013-6G1S3B; 2015-5G1S3B) although I'm still quite pleased. Many disappointments in our athletics team as quite a few athletes had medal worth PB's and underperformed. Also no medal in weightlifting was very disappointing (but since I don't support Lithuanian weightlifting - not a tragedy).

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Badminton results


Mixed Doubles


Gold :TPE Wang Chi-Lin/Lee Chia-Hsin

Silver :MAS Nur Mohd Azriyn Ayub/Goh Yeah Ching

Bronze :RUS Rodion Alimov/Alina Davletova

Bronze :TPE Lee Yang/Hsu Ya-Ching


Women's Singles


Gold :TPE Tai Tzu-Ying

Silver :KOR Lee Jangmi

Bronze :TPE Chiang Mei-Hui

Bronze :MAS Yang Li Lian


Men's Singles


Gold :TPE Wang Tzu-Wei

Silver :JPN Kenta Nishimoto

Bronze :JPN Yu Igarashi

Bronze :THA Pannawit Thongnuam


Women's Doubles


Gold :TPE Hsu Ya-Ching/Wu Ti-Jung

Silver :THA Chayanit Chaladchalam/Phataimas Muenwong

Bronze :JPN Miyuki Kato/Miki Kashihara

Bronze :USA Annie Xu/Kerry Xu


Men's Doubles


Gold :KOR Kim Jaehwan/Seo Seungjae

Silver :JPN Katsuki Tamate/Kenya Mitsuhashi

Bronze :MAS Jagdish Danoa Kuldip Singh/Vincent Cheng Phuah

Bronze :TPE Lee Jhe-Huei/Lee Yang

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Gold :JPN

Silver :USA

Bronze :KOR


Men's Basketball


Gold :LTU

Silver :USA

Bronze :LAT


Men's Football


Gold :JPN

Silver :FRA

Bronze :MEX


Men's Volleyball


Gold :IRI

Silver :RUS

Bronze :JPN


Women's Water Polo


Gold :USA

Silver :HUN

Bronze :JPN

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Wushu results


Women's Sanda 52kg


Gold :KOR Kim Hyebin

Silver :IRI Arezou Salimighalehtaki

Bronze :TPE Chen Wei-Ting

Bronze :INA Junita Malau


Women's Sanda 60kg


Gold :CHN Jiang Xianting

Silver :TPE Lin Yi-Ju

Bronze :UKR Ilona Olkhovyk

Bronze :VIE Trieu Thi Thuy


Men's Sanda 52kg


Gold :CHN Yuan Peng

Silver :PHI Jomar Balangui

Bronze :USA Isiah Enriquez

Bronze :KOR Byeon Seongji


Men's Sanda 60kg


Gold :IRI Erfan Ahangarian

Silver :CHN Zhao Fuxiang

Bronze :KOR Jo Sunghyun

Bronze :RUS Ali Magomedov


Men's Sanda 70kg


Gold :IRI Jafar Shirzadeh Topraghlo

Silver :KAZ Ruslan Libirov

Bronze :ARM Karapet Tevosyan

Bronze :INA Puja Riyaya


Men's Sanda 80kg


Gold :IRI Hamid Reza Ladvar

Silver :CHN Li Shengnan

Bronze :TUR Yavuz Selim Kazanci

Bronze :KAZ Bagdat Kenzhetayev

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Men's Water Polo is the final event remaining, and the closing ceremony!

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Iran finished the Universiade with 8G 4S 11B. which is the best ever result in term of number of medals, but last time Iran finished 9th in the medal table, this time 10th.. they won 23 medals in 6 different sports (out of 8 participating sports for Iran) that was nice winning medals in Fencing, Archery and Volleyball !


last day was great winning 4 out of 5 finals. Iran won 3 golds in men's Sanda and two of them beat China in the final which is a very rare thing in this sport ! this is a good news a year before the Asian Games in Jakarta (wushu is an official sport there)


but the highlight of the day was the volleyball final, what an interesting match and Iran beat Russia 3-2 for the gold medal.


I see some of our favorite sports won't be there in Italy next time but as long as Taekwondo is there we will be fine in the medal table :d



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Men's Water Polo


Gold :SRB

Silver :RUS

Bronze :ITA


And so all the sports come to an end at 2017 Summer Universiade.

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Kyiv, Ukraine is already working on sending a host application for 2021 or 2023. We've already got 90% of needed venues.

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