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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2017

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Jury Scorecard:

   OO8kjUQ.png  Brazil 12
   u5mOg9w.png  Portugal 11
   yX9eNzR.png  Iran 10
   C0xSb88.png  Algeria 9
   6nNWYty.png  New Zealand 8
   1EtvacN.png  Romania 7
   8HPgu6D.png  Slovenia 6
   Laua7IR.png  Bulgaria 5
   PVYwr6C.png  United States 4
   t1wPD3u.png  Great Britain 3
   597ngjG.png  Germany 2
   kJ9f0HY.png  Poland 1

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Well, IF Serbia gets 12, it can be very interesting :mumble:


EDIT I am too slow :lol:


GB is almost secured, given the fact BRA and SRB are yet to vote

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31 / 35 Juries Voted  

speaker-icon-27.png  Jury Voting: AZE   Animated waving Dutch flags  Netherlands 91 
Animated waving Indonesian flags  Indonesia 73  Animated waving Finnish flags  Finland 11 
Animated waving Romanian flags  Romania 63  Animated waving Argentine flags  Argentina 66 
Animated waving Slovenian flags  Slovenia 72  Animated waving British flags  Great Britain 156 
Animated waving Irish flags  Ireland 41  Animated waving Moroccan flags  Morocco 94 
Animated waving Russian flags  Russia 16  Animated waving Mexican flags  Mexico 61 
Animated waving Croatian flags  Croatia 56  Animated waving American flags  United States 58 
Animated waving Slovak flags  Slovakia


Animated waving Tunisian flags  Tunisia 88 
Animated waving Algerian flags  Algeria 78  Animated waving Portuguese flags  Portugal 87 
Animated waving Lithuanian flags  Lithuania 108  Animated waving Canadian flags  Canada 29 
Animated waving Maltese flags  Malta 109  Animated waving French flags  France 51 
iran-flag-animation.gif  Iran 121  Animated waving Greek flags  Greece 32 
Animated waving Moldovan flags  Moldova 64  Animated waving New Zealand flags  New Zealand 103 
Animated waving Bulgarian flags  Bulgaria 60  Animated waving Azerbaijani flags  Azerbaijan 10 
Animated waving Kazakhstani flags  Kazakhstan 23  Animated waving German flags  Germany 47 
Animated waving Indian flags  India 57  Animated waving Brazilian flags  Brazil 129 
Animated waving Danish flags  Denmark 50  Animated waving Serbian flags  Serbia 132 
Animated waving Polish flags  Poland 46  Animated waving Italian flags  Italy 90 





1 Animated waving British flags Great Britain 156
2 Animated waving Serbian flags Serbia 132
3 Animated waving Brazilian flags Brazil 129
4 iran-flag-animation.gif Iran 121
5 Animated waving Maltese flags Malta 109





GB extends lead at the top to 24 points! But behind there has been a dramatic surge for Brazil and Iran, putting them just 3 and 11 points behind Serbia who for so long looked set for a top 2 finish. With Serbia still to vote can they hang on?


Next up is Germany, with the contest being so close we are desperate for your votes...



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Brazil and Serbia still remaining their votes......Great Britain is very close to win the contest.

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Przed chwilą, hckosice napisał:

we must attract some czech users...

Now is tie between us both :d

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NZ with most points ever, and most likely top 10 finish! Expectations have been exceeded :cool: 

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1 minute ago, rybak said:

Now is tie between us both :d


a true battle for the maintain :lol:

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