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Ski Jumping 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread

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when Domen Prevc was born Noriaki Kasai already competed at his 11th four hills tournament edition :lol:

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great result for cene,good for tepeš and peter.

domen is out of fight for golden eagle

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Very entertaining and fair competition we had today, I enjoyed it a lot. Huge second jump of Tande, amazing Kamil Stoch and excellent Stefan Kraft, very nice race. this edition of the 4 hills looks to be one of the most entertaining for many years

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The austrians finding their best form just in time for the 4-Hills, what a surprise. :d Nevertheless, i'm sticking with my prediction with a Stoch victory. :) Tande is capable of big jumps, but he is not that consistent, a problem way to familiar for the norwegians. A big blow for the germans, only one in the top 10, looks like another wasted edition for them. Finally this was maybe the smoothest Obersdorf competition i have seen, and i've followed ski-jumping for 10 years now, really refreshing. :)

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Stefan Kraft takes win in 4-Hills opener

Kamil Stoch, Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayboeck


The atmosphere in Oberstdorf today was like in a sold-out soccer stadium. And especially the ski jumpers of Austria had lots of reason to celebrate at the opening event of the 65th 4-Hills-Tournament. With jumps of 139 m and 134.5 m, that earned him a total of 308.0 points, the win went to Stefan Kraft. Behind the 2014/15 4-Hills-Tournament winner, Poland's Kamil Stoch came in second with 137 m and 135 m and 306.2 points. The third place on the podium also went to Austria. Michael Hayboeck completed the great team result with jumps of 135 m and 133 m and 296.2 points.


The 25 200 fans in the sold-out Allgaeu-Arena saw an exciting competition with some surprises. World Cup leader Domen Prevc already lost his chances to win this season's overall title in Oberstdorf. The Slovene landed already at 124.5 m and 127 m and finished on a dissapointing 26th place this evening. And the 17-year-old also came in behind his brothers Cene Prevc and Peter Prevc, who came in eighth and tenth.


And how about the German ski jumpers? The German team showed a strong team performance. Seven of the nine athletes qualified for the final of the Top 30. To the joy of head coach Werner Schuster, Markus Eisenbichler finished sixth in Oberstdorf. With 135 m the 25-year-old from Siegsdorf was fourth after the first round, in the final he jumped on 133.5 m. "The distance was okay, I just have to show a normal landing. But I showed what I'm capable of today",  the police officer was a bit annoyed afterwards. Richard Freitag, Andreas Wellinger and Stephan Leyhe finished 14th, 15th and 17th.


Last year's winner Severin Freund was not able to fight for a place on the podium in Oberstdorf. With 129 m and 127.5 m and 260.5 points, the athlete of the ski club DJK Rastbuechl, who is not in top shape after a hip surgery in summer, came in 20th. "It wasn't surprising to me. But it's annoying because you always want to do well in a home competition. The 4-Hills-Tournament is now practically over for me. It's now only about improving my performance in the next six jumps", a dissapointed Freund said after the competition. Andreas Wank showed a good performance and tied with Freund for 20th.


The 65th 4-Hills-Tournament continues on Saturday with the qualification for the New Year's competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Start: 2:00 pm CET).



Full Results Here



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4 Hills Tournament

Stage 2 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

KO Round Starting Order


Q Athlete Pairing Athlete Q
27 :CAN Mackenzie BOYD-CLOWES 2 Andreas WANK :GER 24


29 :JPN Daiki ITO 4 Florian ALTENBURGER :AUT 22
30 :USA Kevin BICKNER 5 Karl GEIGER :GER 21
31 :FIN Antti AALTO 6 Severin FREUND :GER 20
32 :RUS Evgeniy KLIMOV 7 Jakub JANDA :CZE 19
33 :NOR Anders FANNEMEL 8 Stefan HULA :POL 18
34 :GER Pius PASCHKE 9 Dawid KUBACKI :POL 17
35 :CZE Roman KOUDELKA 10 Andreas WELLINGER :GER 16
36 :RUS Denis KORNILOV 11 Andreas KOFLER :AUT 15
37 :CZE Lukas HLAVA 12 Cene PREVC :SLO 14
39 :SLO Jurij TEPES 14 Richard FREITAG :GER 12
40 :RUS Dimitry VASSILIEV 15 Andreas STJERNEN :NOR 11
41 :AUT Markus SCHIFFNER 16 Peter PREVC :SLO 10
42 :POL Jan ZIOBRO 17 Stephan LEYHE :GER 9
43 :NOR Tom HILDE 18 Daniel Andre TANDE :NOR 8
44 :NOR Halvor Egner GRANERUD 19 Michael HAYBOECK :AUT 7
45 :GER Constantin SCHMID 20 Piotr ZYLA :POL 6
46 :CZE Vojtech STURSA 21 Maciej KOT :POL 5
47 :JPN Ryoyu KOBAYASHI 22 Domen PREVC :SLO 4
48 :FIN Jarkko MAEAETTAE 23 Manuel FETTNER :AUT 3
49 :JPN Noriaki KASAI 24 Stefan KRAFT :AUT 2


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8 minutes ago, crovitlaci said:

What happened with Stoch?


Nothing, he just DNS, as one of the world cup top 10 he is automatically pre-qualified. It´s his right to save some energy for tomorrow and DNS in the qualifiers.

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