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Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

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So, it´s over. 3 medals, same like in Nanjing. But, this time also one gold. Overall, we can be satisfied, 33 qualified athletes for such small country is a very nice number, we qualified athletes in many different sports including 3 combat sports, that´s also not so usual thing for us.


Huge disappointment was ofc the Boxing, hard luck for Jessica Triebeľová to be drawn against the top favorite and the gold medalist already in the first round...This will be really hard to swallow, and it will take some time, that´s for sure, especially if Jessica will really finish her career as it was declared because of that.


In other side it was fun to see Slovak athletes competing in Climbing, Futsal, BMX Cycling, Karate or Judo (and even missing nearly the bronze medal after losing to Canadian judoka in the Bronze medal bout).


Just like 4 years ago it was  once again about Canoeing for us, the only difference is that in Nanjing the medals winners were nowadays world level established male canoers Marko Mirgorodský and Jakub Grigar, this time it was about girls. Katarína Pecsuková with silver in K1 Head-to-Head Sprint and especially Emanuela Luknárová who won 2 medals, Gold in K1 Canoe Slalom and Bronze in C1 Canoe Slalom.


So as expected Emanuela Luknárová was our flag bearer during last nights Closing Ceremony




and here for the last time the whole YOG Buenos Aires 2018 SVK Olympic team before the Closing ceremony




Tonight the whole delegation will attend a special evening organized by the Slovak community living in Argentina. They will then fly back home tomorrow.


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Has the IOC cut off bandwith for the video-on-demand section or something? All of a sudden since today they are pausing every few seconds and it's nearly unwatchable..

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I give up, there's no fun in watching anymore when the videos don't even load and if they do, you can watch for 5 seconds before it stops again...guess it'll be a matter of simply looking at the results :( (apart from those few things that were thankfully streamed on YouTube, which does work well)


Every live stream ever should be on YouTube. 

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