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Fencing 2016 Discussion Thread

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and now it's time for the Asian Youth Championships, which went on stage in 2 different Countries, Saudi Arabia and Barhain...

p.s. I don't know what do you think about it, but personally, I find shameful and disgusting the fact that they still awarded part of these Champs to Saudi Arabia, despite their refusal to host the Women's events (that's why we have had this tournament splt between 2 Nations)...:facepalm::wall:

However, this is the table of the new Asian Youth Champions 2016:

Asian Juniors

Men's Individual Epee: Wang Zijie, CHN
Women's Individual Epee: Miho Yoshimura, JPN
Men's Individual Foil: Cheung Ka Long, HKG
Women's Individual Foil: Komaki Kikuchi, JPN
Men's Individual Sabre: Liang Jianhao, CHN
Women's Individual Sabre: Risa Takashima, JPN
Men's Team Epee: China
Women's Team Epee: China
Men's Team Foil: Hong Kong
Women's Team Foil: Japan
Men's Team Sabre: China
Women's Team Sabre: China

Asian Cadets

Men's Individual Epee: Antoine Elchoueiry, LIB
Women's Individual Epee: Tamaki Terayama, JPN
Men's Individual Foil: Rui Fujikura, JPN
Women's Individual Foil: Amita Berthier, SIN
Men's Individual Sabre: Srinualnad Voragun, THA
Women's Individual Sabre: Risa Takashima, JPN
Men's Team Epee: Japan
Women's Team Epee: Kazakhstan
Men's Team Foil: Hong Kong
Women's Team Foil: Singapore
Men's Team Sabre: Hong Kong
Women's Team Sabre: NO available Results yet


Full Juniors Results are available on the official FIE website and also on the following page (which is also the only one to show the Cadets Full results):



the 2 main facts about these champs IMHO are the complete absence of South Korea from the Gold medal winners' list (it's obvious that they didn't send their bst youngsters to this tournament) and another champion among the cadets winning also the Junior title (and once again in the Women's Sabre)...

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finally, the African Championships...

where, as always, it's impossible to find the complete results...this time we have to wait for all the cadets results...maybe by the end of the year we get them...if we are lucky...:lol::facepalm::wall:

However, here are the new African Junior Champions for this season (not surprisingly, most of them come from Egypt):

African Juniors

Men's Individual Epee: Ahmad Elsokkary, EGY
Women's Individual Epee: Shirwit Gaber, EGY
Men's Individual Foil: Salim Heroui, ALG
Women's Individual Foil: Aida Yasser, EGY
Men's Individual Sabre: Fares Ferjani, TUN
Women's Individual Sabre: Sarah Atrouz, ALG
Men's Team Epee: Egypt
Women's Team Epee: Egypt
Men's Team Foil: Egypt
Women's Team Foil: Egypt
Men's Team Sabre: Egypt
Women's Team Sabre: Algeria

Full Results are available on the official FIE website...

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The last quick update for today is about the Junior European Championships...

The first 4 Individual Gold medals have been awarded and France have been the main protagonists until now, winning 2 of those 4 titles, with Italy and Hungary getting 1 Gold medal each...

More details in the next couple of days...

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and as promised, at the end of the European Juniors here we are with the final summary...

first of all, the key point of the individual competitions was the unexpected domination of the French team with 3 out of 6 Gold medals...

meanwhile in the Team events it was Russia to sweep half of the titles up for grabs...

Italy and Hungary confirmed themselves as the usual powerhouses with a couple of Gold medals each and Poland and Germany took the remaining top honors (one each)...


so, this is the list of the new Junior European Champions:

Men's Individual Epee: Gergely Siklosi, HUN
Women's Individual Epee: Nadine Stahlberg, GER
Men's Individual Foil: Maximilien Chastanet, FRA
Women's Individual Foil: Erica Cipressa, ITA
Men's Individual Sabre: Charles Colleau, FRA
Women's Individual Sabre: Manon Brunet, FRA
Men's Team Epee: Hungary
Women's Team Epee: Russia
Men's Team Foil: Russia
Women's Team Foil: Poland
Men's Team Sabre: Italy
Women's Team Sabre: Russia


and this is the final medal table for the Junior competitions:

  • France 3-2-3
  • Russia 3-2-3
  • Italy 2-4-4
  • Hungary 2-0-1
  • Poland 1-1-3
  • Germany 1-1-2
  • Czech Republic 0-1-1
  • Israel 0-1-0
  • Ukraine 0-0-1


finally, this is the overall medal table (Cadets + Juniors):

  • Russia 7-6-6
  • Italy 6-8-6
  • Hungary 5-1-2
  • France 3-3-6
  • Germany 1-2-4
  • Israel 1-2-0
  • Poland 1-1-5
  • Czech Republic 0-1-1
  • Romania 0-0-3
  • Austria 0-0-1
  • Turkey 0-0-1
  • Ukraine 0-0-1

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Hungary has been extremely impressive, especially in mens epee. Siklosi only is their 3rd best athlete (according to world ranking), but he was the one to win gold. Their 3 best athletes are 1st, 3rd and 5th in junior world ranking, i dont see any reason why Hungary shouldnt dominate mens epee in the future. From a german perspective i was really disappointed by Ebert, she was completely out of shape, by now she actually should at least be top 50 in world ranking. The biggest surprise from a german perspective was mens team sabre. We managed to reach the final, although mens sabre is actually our 2nd worst event on junior level. I have been really impressed by Kindler, he is only 17 years old but he scored +4 against Ukraine/Italy in the quartefinal/final. The final of mens team sabre was fun to watch. It was interesting to see how small the italian guys were compared to the german guys and the italians had a very interesting "special attack", where they jumped up and down like crazy rabbits ... :d

Does this "style" have a special name? The german guys looked completely confused/clueless when their opponents started their special attack.


In mens/womens sabre we dont have any big talents (maybe except for Kindler). Our biggest talents are clearly Ebert (womens foil) and Stahlberg (womens epee). Italy is really blessed with tons of good talents, especially in womens foil and mens sabre. I think Russia isnt as good at junior level as they used to be. At the moment i would say that Hungary and France might be ahead of Russia, but Italy still is clearly the number one. In my opinion romania and ukraine have been pretty disappointing at junior level in the last couple of years.

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silver medal for  Alaaeldin Abouelkassem in GP , finally a good performance from him after london silver :yes

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and Gold medal for Richard Kruse (GBR)...

decent effort by Cassarà and Avola for Italy, very bad performance by the other guys...

among the Women, Errigo is back on top after all the troubles with injuries that partially compromised her results in the second half of last season and in the first half of this one...

on the other hand, another inconsistent outing for Elisa Di Francisca...the chance to have the all-Italian clash in the Olympic tournament before the Gold medal bout is always higher...:facepalm::wall:

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Men's Foil Individual Olympic Qualifiers

Having already decided the 8 teams that will be in Rio, this weekend we were able to determine the next 7 individuals that will join them.

Yuki OTA (JPN) had qualified at the start of the day, and will be joined by Jun HEO (KOR) who kept distance from Young Ki SON (KOR).

Peter Joppich (GER) and Alexander Choupenitch (CZE), who basically have been unchallenged in the last months, are the European qualifiers.

Ayoub FERJANI (TUN) qualifies from the African zone, and realistically hasn't been challenged since the cruel injury to Roman DJITLI (ALG) at San Jose earlier this season.

No Pan-Am fencers (outside the USA of course) in the L64 meant that the zonal places also stay the same: Max VAN HAASTER (CAN) qualifies with Daniel GOMEZ (MEX).

There are 4 more places to be awarded, one from each zone at their qualification competition.

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