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Wrestling 2020 Discussion Thread

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9 hours ago, heywoodu said:

Dagestani's going at it after their match, Mongolian coaches with an angry striptease, Olympic wrestling always has something doesn't it? :d 


and Ara Abrahamian leaving his bronze medal on the mat :d there are lots of accidents like this, minor and major, I would write more but for some of them I can't find the video. :cry:


but I have one for today :d


This is 1996 Olympic final between :IRI Abbas Jadidi and :USA Kurt Angle. in Iran this is still considered as the "biggest robbery in sport" even though I don't agree with it. the final score was 1-1, at the time the tiebreaker was the number of passivity warnings which was also tied 2-2. so it was up to the refs to decide which one was more "active" ! apparently there were "unwritten rules" at the time that in cases like this whoever scored first or whoever forced his opponent for the last passivity warning (Jadidi in both cases) has the upper hand. but that was something "unwritten" not the rules, from what I saw the match was pretty even, Angle was more active during the regular time, Jadidi attacked more in extra time. the call could go either way. and the host nation usually gets those kind of calls. even though I believe Jadidi scored a takedown out of the mat in extra time. he could win it 2-1.


but what was funny was Jadidi's reaction, when refs were talking to decide the winner, he went there and was present in their short meeting :d and he claims he heard 2 refs called him the winner but the center ref (from Mongolia) was disagreed. he thought he won the match 2-1 (2 refs against one) but then the center ref raised Angle's hand ! even after 20 years Jadidi still can't speak English in a medium level, so I highly doubt he could understand the conversation :d

this is also very famous in USA wrestling community, they are still making fun of Jadidi's reaction.


to have a better idea why this match was super important, it could be Iran's first ever Olympic gold medal after the "Islamic Revolution" and it was in USA and against an American wrestler, (we are talking about 24 years ago when everything was Anti-American, before Khatami presidency era)

Iran won that first gold medal the next day by another wrestler, Jadidi's biggest enemy :d


PS: Jadidi used to be very popular at the time, not now, he got into politics and did lots of stupid things after that. I can say he is somehow hated mostly these days.



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24 minutes ago, MHSN said:

in Iran this is still considered as the "biggest robbery in sport" even though I don't agree with it.


Kurt Angle won = I agree with it being a robbery :mad: #TeamStoneColdSteveAustin


Right, now to read the rest.

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