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Baseball 2020 Discussion Thread

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Los Cocodrilos de Matanzas are the new Cuban Champions, as they won the Grand Final of the 59th Cuban National Series, the top level baseball tournament on the Isle...


This is an amazing surprise and a great turnaround, as last year they were dead last among the 16 teams of the Cuban Major League...meanwhile 12 months later they're just enjoying their first ever win in the SNC (the acronim with which the Cuban National series is known)...


The losing side of this final series are Los Toros de la Llanura de Camagüey, that entered the final series as the big favourites, but their pitching staff couldn't handle the hot bats of the most classical sports "Cinderella" and they had to surrender in 6 games...



59th Cuban National Series, the Grand Final


Coodrilos de Matanzas b. Toros de la Llanura Camagüey  4-2 (5-3; 0-8; 6-1; 5-3; 6-9; 11-2)


All about Cuban Baseball (in Cuban slang Spanish)...




Match Replays


Game #1



Game #2



Game #3



Game #4



Game #5



Game #6


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